Sofia Vergara & Manolo: Sushi Lunch

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Sofia Vergara traveled to Japan and China last week – bringing along her fiancé Nick Loeb and her son Manolo. The Modern Family actress shared plenty of photos from the trip – including one with Manolo, 21, and sushi chef Jiro Ono. For one snapshot she writes: Amazing lunch in Tokyo! I dream of sushi too!!!

Last month in an interview with Good Morning America – Vergara confirmed she has already frozen her eggs.

“I just wanted to plan ahead,” the 40-year-old said. “My boyfriend Nicky is three years younger than me, and he’s never had a son. I have my son, Manolo, so it’s not an emergency for me to have another kid, but for Nicky, he’s never had a baby.”

Revealing she consulted a fertility specialist about freezing her eggs – she stated, “Nothing happens that naturally anymore. I wanted to take advantage of science. Why not?”

Asked how far along the process is she replied, “Oh, I took them out already! They’re in the refrigerator. Hopefully, they’ll be fresh by the time I use them.”

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  • Lizz

    That’s jiro!

    • Robin

      Ha! That’s just what I was going to say! Jiro Ono isn’t just a “sushi chef”. He is a sushi MASTER and a celebrity in his own right. He is the star of the documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” and is a considered cultural treasure in Japan. His restaurant is a three star Michelin and is pretty much the best sushi in the world.

  • jberry

    That’s not just a restaurant chef, that’s Jiro Ono, the most celebrated sushi chef alive today! He’s probably just as famous, if not more so, than Sofia Vergara.

    • Anonymous

      “He’s probably just as famous, if not more so, than Sofia Vergara.”

      Uh… clearly not, in America anyway.

      • Robin

        Well America is not the center of the universe… And world wide, Jiro is arguably more famous.

        • Anonymous

          You may be right, but this is an American website with mostly American celebrities. It’s no surprise that most people don’t know who the chef is.

  • norah aydee

    girls I think you lost the point here, the important part here is the manolo is super hot he could be an actor or model

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