Wade Robson & Family: Grocery Shoppin’ In Hawaii

Wade Robson finds comfort with his family in Hawaii

Wade Robson and his wife Amanda took their 2-year-old son Koa to the supermarket in Hawaii on Friday (May 17).

The 30-year-old choreographer – who recently accused the late Michael Jackson of sexually abusing him as a child – kept a steady face while carrying the toddler.

Robson appeared on the Today show on Thursday and told Matt Lauer that he never spoke up because the pop star told him what they were doing was “an expression of love” and added “if you ever tell anyone what we’re doing both of our lives and our careers will be over.”

The dancer defended Michael Jackson at the 2005 trial.

He continued on to say that he went to see a therapist and shared, “This is not a case of repressed memory. I have never forgotten one moment of what Michael did to me, but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

Robson has worked with acts such as ‘N Sync, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

Debbie Rowe has called him “a liar and opportunist” while Michael Jackson’s estate has said his allegations are an “outrageous and pathetic” money grab.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • arabella

    its pretty sad that wade would come forward saying he was sexually abused.when Micheal died. he cant defend him self.

    • Emzee

      Yeah it’s sad but I totally get it. I have a sister-in-law who was sexually abused and molested by her step-father as a young child, and she couldn’t talk about it until she was in her late 20’s! It’s the extreme fear of getting abused again (or worse!) that adults have instilled into their minds that they don’t dare talk about it, are ashamed or can’t! And they still feel that way well into their teen and adult life.

      Maybe Wade feels almost like a creep himself and needs to come clean to feel free mentally and physically especially with his own young boy. You just never know. I can’t say for sure I 100% believe him but since I firsthand heard stories from my SIL, you can’t judge quite yet and you just NEVER know. Plus, do you honestly believe with all those little boys running around Neverland that Michael never had a thing for them? I can’t say 100% for sure either but it’s just..odd esp with that Molestation case from 05′.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s pathetic that someone makes claims like this against a dead person who isn’t here to defend themselves.

        This guy had a LOT of years to make this accusation. Why now? SMH

        • SMH

          I certainly don’t know what to believe. I still feel like MJ is being accused of things he didn’t do but speaking from your perspective.
          I was sexually abused by my father from about 3 until 12 and he died. I didn’t tell anyone until I was almost 17!! I feared that nobody would believe m bc my father was not here to defend himself. So I kept it bottled up for years and it caused severe depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. I finally broke down and told my mom thinking she would not believe me (I couldn’t of been more wrong). She now holds so much anger and guilt for never knowing that in her own home she married a “monster” who would harm her little girl. But the truth is she never knew bc child abusers do things discretely and they do it when nobody is around and manipulate you to believe that you are the one who is asking for it.
          Years later it came out that a few of my cousins admitted to never feeling comfortable around my father and one even said she was inappropriately touched by him.
          So the bottom line is that you just never know. Yes, MJ isn’t here to defend himself but you just don’t know why someone never comes forth with this info.
          I do believe people can be ignorant and do it for attention but I also believe people hold a lot of fear and shame within. We need to not make people feel guilty about something they had no control over.
          When an ADULT takes advantage of any child it is wrong!

          • Anonymous

            I also don’t know what to believe but it seems really fishy that he asking for money.

        • Tade

          defend? how? He only can say – no I didn’t. Wade it is no mister nobody to want only money. For Wade it is shame, I think how much hard must be form him talking about it. How strong he is talkig about it. He knew how some people will react. And you wonder why he didn’t say?? (or another children abuse by parents, uncles, family frends”? It typical.

    • Tade

      defend? how? He only can say – no I didn’t. Wade it is no mister nobody to want only money. For Wade it is shame, I think how much hard must be form him talking about it. How strong he is talkig about it. He knew how some people will react. And you wonder why he didn’t say?? (or another children abuse by parents, uncles, family frends”? It typical.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he posted on this site? He not a celebrity, being link to a celebrity dose not make you one.

    • Melonie

      Clearly, you’ve never watched the Wade Robson Project or So You Think You Can Dance. He’s a celebrated dancer and choreographer. Considering the low standards of what constitutes “celebrity” these days, at least Wade Robson has actual talent.

    • anon

      He’s posted because he IS technically a “celebrity” even if he’s not an A-Lister, he still has fame to his name. I’ve known who he is for YEARS. Media is all over him now- and his family looks none too happy about it either.

      Speaking of his posting- it’s nice to see him with his Wife and Son as I don’t think I’ve ever seen his family before on this site.

  • Anonymous

    Wade Robson did some acting as a child he was on a episode of Full House when he was a kid I forget the name of the episode but it’s when DJ comes back from Spain, he’s the boy that Stephanie had a crush on at the Airport… But now he is a professional Choreographer he’s was a Choreographer for artists such as N’SYNC and Britney Spears

    • SMH

      that was him?! lol

      I agree I don’t see why he’s asking for money though either because money isn’t going to change what happened. And money isn’t going to take the pain away. Just saying

      • Tade

        you don;t understand. Go to the psychologist and he or she tells you why victims act this or another way. Money it is only little way to say – I am not only victim, I won, let people knows.. For Wade who is man and celebrity it is a shame, I think how much hard must be form him talking about it. How strong he is talkig about it. He knew how some people will react. And you wonder why he didn’t say?? (or another children abuse by parents, uncles, family frends”? It typical. You canread in internet why children don’t say their parents, teachers etc. Someone who is abuser and molestater more often is frome the family, family friend or neighbor. It is so hard to say someone because thet say – impossilble….

  • Ashley

    Wade Robson’s own words written for the Official Michael Jackson Opus after Michael’s death:

    The Michael Jackson Opus

    I used to talk to Michael for three hours a day. I never really worked out how he came to find so much time because he seemed so busy, but he would ring me and we would talk and talk and talk. When he got a cell phone he would call and text all the time.It was part of an amazing friendship that lasted for 20 years.

    I had first met Michael when he was kicking off his bad tour in 1987. I was five, but Michael’s company were holding a dance competition in every country and i entered the one in Brisbane. I remember being a kid and dancing to his video- the first iever say was “Thriller” when i was two. It was my mum’s tape and i just went nuts over it. I used to run into the kitchen scared every time the werewolf came on. By the time i was three i had pretty much learned its entire choreography.

    I ended up winning the dance competition. We went to see Michael in Brisbane and at a meet and greet i was introduced to him. I remember wearing a custome made outfit from “Bad”- my mum’s belt was wrapped around me, like five times. Michael was impressed and asked me if I had danced. I told him that I did and he said ” Do you want to perform with me in the show tomorrow night?”

    I couldn’t believe it. He was due to play Brisbane the next night. His idea was for me to come out for the last song of the show which was “Bad”. He was bringing on some orphaned children so he figured it would be cool to bring me out in the full “Bad” outfit. At the end of the song we were all onstage- Stevie Wonder was there too and Michael came on and said “Come on”. | took it as him meaning “Get into it!”.I moved downstage and threw my hat into the crowd and started going crazy. When i turned around Michael was saying goodbye to the crowd, the other kids were gone and Stevie Wonder was being escorted off. What he meant was “Come on lets go, It’s over”.

    When I realized, I ran off. After my mum and I spent two hours with Michael into his hotel and we became friends. He showed us clips from the new Moonwalker he was working on and we talked and talked. We didn’t really stay in contact but i joined a dance company- literally the next day and two years later i was in America to play at Disneyland. I got in touch with Michael through his people, he remembered me. Me and my family went to Record one studio where he was mixing the dangerous album.I showed him some of my dance videos and he said to me. “Do you and your family want to come to Neverland tonight”? We all agreed and ended up staying for two weeks.

    Our friendship blossomed. For two weeks he’d take me into his dance studio, put some music on and we’d dance and jam for hours.We’d sit there and watch films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.Other time we’d just leave Neverland and drive out in a car, blasting music really loud.

    He even taught me how to do the moonwalk.We were in his dance studio. He taught me foot by foot. I couldn’t sleep that whole night. The thrill of pushing off the bar and sliding backwards in a moonwalk with the guy that made it famous was so exciting.

    Later, me and my mom wanted to move to America to pursue my dreams of becoming a dancer and he helped us out. He gave me a big start by putting me in some of his videos like “Black or White”. The role he took on was one of a mentor. He told when I was seven that I’d be a film director and that’s what I became, he created a thirst for knowledge in me. Once, a mini recording studio turned up on my doorstep, but what was cool was that he stopped me from becoming a spoiled brat.

    He would say “This is for you, but I want to see you do something with it. Don’t take it for granted or I”ll take it back”.

    The last time I saw him was in July 2008. I was in Vegas working on a show and he was living there. Me, my wife and him and his three kids had a barbecue. It was the most normal thing in the world. Me and my wife had been to Whole Foods and bought stuff to cook. But when we got there he’d provided loads of catering.

    I said “Dude, Why did you bring loads of catering? We’ve got regular food here”.

    I remember cooking outside while Michael sat there under an umbrella. We had great times because he was such a caring person. Most of all I’ll miss those phone conversations. I still have my mobile phone with his number on it. I just cant bear the thoughts of deleting his messages.

    • Anonymous

      Now if MJ had molested this guy, WHY would he write all this? He could have just given a short statement if someone asked him. Why all the hearts and flowers and emotional overload.

      He’s full of BS.

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