Beyoncé Shares Photo Of Blue Ivy

You are now watching the throne, as daddy Jay-Z would say.

Proud mama Beyoncé shared a sweet snapshot of her 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy on her website. The sweet tot is seen sitting in her personalized chair custom made for mom’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

So, what is Blue pondering while she’s hanging out backstage? Maybe how to be an incredible big sister?

According to sources, Bey is pregnant with her second child.

But others are saying the speculation is false. In a Monday, May 20 broadcast that was videotaped for a YouTube clip, a DJ told listeners that Jay-Z emailed program director Ebro Darden to say that “the pregnancy rumor is false.”

“I hit him to say congratulations, send my love to the fam,” Darden revealed. Jay-Z told him “it’s not true,” Darden said.

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  • sheyla

    This is sooo cute…I see you CBS..spitting Lyrics!! LOL!!

  • cb

    maybe a cute pic, but wow……..beyonce shares pic of the back of her kids head…..
    i cannot wait to see it !
    that is so stupid to make a big deal of a picture and then is back of the kids head. that could be any kid in the world.

  • anonymous

    cute pic…Blue Ivy is such a cutie

  • Jenny Kay

    Most flattering pic that I’ve seen of the kid.

  • kim

    I’d say she looks more like her dad..

  • cb

    anonymous…… can you tell is she is a cute kid or not ?
    that is the BACK of her head !!!

    • eye roller

      If I had to guess, I’d say the other poster was being sarcastic. Hello?

  • Mary

    A such a cute back of the head. Thanks for nothing. With all that money, couldn’t fix her hair up a bit better than that?

    • NYCMommy

      Mary- actually that is the most styled I have ever seen her hair ,in the rare pictures in media, perhaps they were waiting until she was a bit older. Her hair looks very fine and perhaps it hurt the child’s head to be styled( i.e. yanked and pulled). Just a guess. :)

      • Mary

        That was actually my point, sorry if it came across wrong, but her hair looks pulled and tugged and not good here. I thought she looks much cuter natural and curly.

  • Gemi

    She has to have the most famous back-of-the-head of all time.

  • Susan

    That little girl is going to grow up walking backwards since she is used to everything being behind her.

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