How Moms of Pregnant Teens Deal


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You don’t look like an abuela, and you don’t feel like one either. You’ve nary a gray hair in sight and you could swear that your own kid just got out of diapers. But if you’re the mother of a pregnant teen, you don’t have a choice: you’re going to be a grandma, like it or not. Here are five ways to deal.

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  1. Jesse

    How the moms of pregnant teens deal with the embarrassment of having a pregnant teen? And the feeling of being a failure as a parent? That must be a very hard thing to deal with knowing you failed as a parent.

    • Anonymous

      Embarrassment of having a pregnant teen? Why should you be embarassed? Teens do stupid things ALL of the time. Getting pregnant just happens to be one of those stupid things that the whole world can see.

      And by the way, EVERY parent fails at one point or another…. Unless you are raising perfect children who follow every rule at every moment, which has never happened in all of history.

  2. Jesse

    LOL it seems sort of racist. Like the website is a latina website. They’re sort of saying that latina women are more likely to have pregnant teen daughters.

  3. Heather

    I like the way they are glamorizing being a teen mom in the photo. How many teen mom’s sit there on a gorgeous bed with new, perfectly matching bedding, a perfect blow out and a full head of shiny hair….give me a break. This is not reality and I wish the media would start portraying it the way it is in the real world most of the time.


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