Naleigh Kelley: Smiles in NOLA

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Josh Kelley took a photo of a happy Naleigh, 4, and shared it via Instagram on Saturday (May 18).

He wrote: “Naleigh is lovin the southern life of New Orleans!!! We just destroyed 6 pounds of crawfish. Love them mudbugs.”

The family are down in Louisiana because Katherine Heigl is shooting her new movie North of Hell there.

Katherine tweeted earlier this month: “First day of filming in the fantastical NOLA! My director and fearless leader Anthony Burns!”

Josh is also working on the film.

AJ Buckley recently tweeted: “In the studio with @JoshBkelley and and Anthony Burns working on the score for #Northofhell”

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. Sweetpea

    Ewwww she looks retarded.

  2. Meghan

    She is too cute!

  3. Anonymous

    She so cute.


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