Farrah Abraham: A Star Is Born


HerScoopFarrah Abraham has gone from being a teen mom, to an MTV reality star, to a porn star receiving a seven-figure paycheck, to a breakout TV star with her own reality show.

Our spinoff, HerScoop, couldn’t help but notice that Farrah’s rising stardom has come after a series of what seems to be really bad decisions. Is this how to become a celebrity in today’s society? Do we want our daughters to aspire to this? Are the reality shows on teen motherhood glamorizing teen pregnancy? Continue reading at HerScoop

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  • Jessica

    She’not a break out tv star. She’s a porn star that landed a stupid show that’ll be off air within a couple episodes.

    Farrah annoys the f out of me. How can someone so disgusting get her own show?! She needs to just go away.

    • Anonymous

      How did the 3 whores living with Hugh Hefner get a show? How did the disgusting excuses for humans on the Jersey Shore get a show? How do shows like Flavor of Love or Rock of Love even exist?

      The answer is simple: people like to gravitate towards the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, it just breeds more useless, vapid, shallow pigs on television. A vicious cycle indeed.

  • A

    A p0rnstar is born.

  • Louise

    What kind of a society we live in where this kind of choices are rewarded in such an overwhelming manner?

  • laura

    she’s just shallow, not even worth our insults…

  • Sandra

    A Star is Born?? Are you kidding me? A teen mom that has a child on a television show and then goes and makes a porn movie or whatever is definitely not a star! How can anyone even watch anything this girl does? Seriously, this is not good at all. She should damn well be ashamed of herself and this is not a very good way to be making any kind of money. People shouldn’t be giving her any amount of time on television or any kind of exposure on television! It is disgusting!!

  • Meliss

    A star is porn, more like. WTF with press she’s getting. Why don’t they update us on a young person who’s doing something positive?

  • Anonymous

    I second everything other people are saying. What kind of world to we live in where a person like this is put on such a pedestal and basically glorified?
    She was on a show that documented the lives of young teenagers who had unprotected sex, got pregnant, and had children at very young ages. Some got married and divorced, some had problems with drugs, some lost custody of their kids, others ended up in jail, and yet others even became porn stars! What the hell kind of example is that for our daughters!!!
    Why can’t there be a show that glorifies the things that are actually worthy of being praised?

    • Anonymous

      “Why can’t there be a show that glorifies the things that are actually worthy of being praised?”

      Because you wouldn’t watch it.

  • Tracy

    I am gonna be thumbed down a lot, ut I don’t care 😀 . I don’t understand why she is being judged so much for doing porn. There is a huge market for that. SHe is paid 1 million freaking dollar. Woman should be free to do porn for a living if they want. Without being judged or losing dignity. Having sex is not a crime, or a horrible dirty thing. And nobody force you to watch if you don’t want.

    I am more chocked by half naked/totally naked model we are forced to see in advertisement… Because they are everywhere (TV, Magazines, Internet, Bus stops). unlike porn star

    • Jesse

      She didn’t get paid 1 million she said she got almost 1 million and in Farrah terms that means she got way less than 1 million because Farrah seems to exaggerate and think she’s all that and likes to make other think she’s all that so she exaggerated the money she got. Just because something has a huge market for it, doesn’t make it good or okay. There is a huge market for illegal drugs, does that make drug dealers okay? ETC

      By the way that you misspell simple words and the fact that you have no logic, i’m starting to think you are Farrah LOL

      • Tracy

        No English is just not my first language. Thanks for telling me I have no logic and I am dumb because I have a different opinion. At least I am not rude.

        I think I am pretty logic. Dealing drugs is illegal. Doing porn is legal…. Now who does have no logic? 😉

        I still am not shocked she does porn. I just couldn’t care less as I am not watching porn and she does what she wants with her body

      • Anonymous

        Does it matter exactly how much money she made? I don’t think so, so stop filling every post about this woman with your diatribe about how YOU know how much money she made.

        If she’s okay with doing porn and getting paid for it, that’s her business. Neither she, nor anyone else, needs YOUR approval.

      • Lauren

        That is not what she said. What she was…and I quote, “I am happy with the seven figure settlement I have received.” So, Farrah did NOT say she ALMOST received a million.

        Not sure how you can compare drugs to porn. Drugs are illegal and porn is not. I don’t agree or like either and think what she did is degrading and a bad example to her daughter, but if this is what she chooses, then it is her choice and it is legal.

        Why you feel the need to insult someone is beyond me.

  • Tiffany

    Oh Farrah. Dear sweet Farrah. I am not in the habit of watching celebrity sex tapes but this is a porn so I figured it was okay. Vivid has a small free clip on their site. I am sure you could find that clip on other sites too but at least Vivid won’t give you a virus. So watch that and tell me that it doesn’t make you sad. What someone said up there about how this stupidity breeds more vapid, shallow pigs is true. God help girls growing up today. Having a daughter herself, Farrah should be ashamed of the example she is setting for her own child. I guess money makes everything digestible.

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