Jessica Alba’s Mommy Must-Haves


Jessica Alba knows that with kids, accidents can happen at any time. The mom-of-two shared with Stylist that like all parents, she’s experienced her fair share of spit up and spills, as well as the occasional meltdown. Not to mention the need to eat some of her kids’ snacks if she forgot to eat lunch!

So, how does the Sin City actress prepare herself for the inevitable? Jessica shared her top mommy must-haves that she can’t leave the house without. Visit Stylist to see the nine products she always has on hand.

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Photo credit: StyleList

  • Robin

    This type of post is annoying… You click on the article which takes you to another site, which still doesnt have the article, then you have to click a bunch more times to see each of these Alba endorsed products. It’s just a big Ad disguised as a post meant to garner as many clicks for the site as possible.

  • Jennifer

    oh…don’t forget to mention a corset for getting skinny right after having a baby, right Jess?

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