David Furnish: Boating With The Boys

*EXCLUSIVE* David Furnish and Zachary enjoy some family time in Venice **USA ONLY**

David Furnish took his sons Zachary, 2, and Elijah, 4 months, out for a boat ride in Venice, Italy on Sunday (June 2). With a nanny and his friends in tow – Furnish looked at ease for the fun day out.

Earlier this year he admitted that having a nanny has made parenthood less scary this time around.

The 50-year-old said, “The routine is already in place with Zachary in a way, and all the stuff that was so scary the first time around isn’t quite so scary the second time around. Now we have that wonderful infrastructure in place so we can just sit back more and enjoy the little person themselves without the worry – or as much worry.”

Sir Elton John also has embraced having their second child.

“I have learned that a parent’s capacity for love is endless. When another child is born, our depth of love just grows deeper and wider, so it was very emotional.”

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  • Someone

    Ummmm yeah a nanny does make it a lot easier. What an epiphany. *eye roll*

    • anonymous

      What’s the big deal, just an innocent comment. Relax. Have a nap. I’d have a nanny part-time too if I could afford it. Darling little boys.

      • Someone

        I was being quite sarcastic, in a silly way…sorry that didn’t come through across a computer screen.

  • Jj

    Cute little boys!

    • Elektra

      So true, those little boys are soo cute!

  • Essa

    Zachary was definitelt concieved using Elton’s sperm, not David’s. Just look at him… He’s a spitting image of Elton! We’ll have to see about Elijah, he’s still too young to see. What handsome boys!!!

    • Susan

      I think Elijia resembles David, he doesnt look like Zachary did when he was little, but they are both adorable kids. Zachary is just a spitting image of his dad. Cute kids, loving parents.

  • Missy

    Zachary is such a cute little boy!

  • Anonymous

    We can see who Zachary’s dad is. Elijah, not yet. They’re both cuties. Hopefull Elton will be around to see if Zachary has inherited his talent.

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