Jennifer Garner & Her Brentwood Boy

Jennifer Garner has her Hands Full in Brentwood

Alias alum Jennifer Garner was all smiles while toting 1-year-old son Samuel and a handful of goodies from the Brentwood Country Mart on Wednesday (June 5) in Brentwood, Calif.  The following day, the mother-son duo returned for more breakfast items.

Then of Friday, the hands on mama was seen with both daughters – Violet, 7, and Seraphina, 4 – in their Santa Monica neighborhood.

Earlier in the week, we spotted Jen and her kids out and about in L.A.

Jennifer is set to light up the big screen again later this year in The Dallas Buyer’s Club, costarring Matthew McConaughey.

And watch for her hunky hubby, Ben Affleck, to next star in Runner, Runner, a crime drama thriller costarring Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake.

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  • Anonymous

    A coffee pot would make a great Christmas present for her.

    • Meghan

      I don’t see the big deal. She probably gets her coffee after she drops off the girls for school.

  • Anonymous

    Well it looks like she’s buying coffee for the whole neighborhood or her nannies.

    • Lynn

      And why does it matter how much coffee she is buying or who she is buying it for? It is none of our business. People criticize others for the strangest things.

      • Amy20

        Aren’t you criticize the poster above for the strangest things?

        All they said is ” it looks like she’s buying coffee for the whole neighborhood or her nannies.” It’s an innocent comment calm down.

      • Anonymous

        So true! It’s crazy……

  • Megan

    Samuel is sooo adorable! Jenn seems like a really fun mom!

  • Anonymous

    Because this is a comment board where people leave comments, estupida.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder why she’s wearing a jacket that’s black and white.

      i wonder why her sunglasses are on her head, not her face.

      (See? Some comments are just dumb.)

  • Katie

    Some of you make me laugh wih all thise stupid xomments on how many coffee Garner buys or questions about whether or not the Afflecks have a coffee maker at home. Bottom line who cares! It is nit acceptable for Garner to buy daily coffees but it is for
    J-“ho” to dress a 5-year old in makeup and $10,000 designer clothing like a hooker? Sone of you are truly PATHETIC in your hatred for this woman and her husband, whom you don’t even know.

    • LaKesha

      Yet, it’s perfectly acceptable to refer to another mother as “J -ho.” None of us know anything about her life either.

    • May

      I’m no JLO fan but your a complete hypocrite calling people PATHETIC because they may not like Jen and Ben.

      Then you call someone YOU don’t even know aka JLO a ( “ho” ) it seem your the one hating on JLo that you had to bring her name into a post that wasen’t even about her.

    • May

      I’m know JLO fan but your a complete hypocrit calling people pathetic for not likeing Ben or Jen. Yet your the one bring JLo name in to a post that’s not about her and calling someone you don’t know a “ho” your the only one who is hating on someone here.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agreed with your…… until you had to insult Jennifer Lopez. Really? You had to sink that low?

  • Destiny

    Buying coffee for friends, family, or staff is a kind gesture. I think it is nice of her. I bet most celebs have it the other way around with their gofers and such.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Lol

      Please let not try to make Jen look like she so much better then the other celebrities.

      • Destiny

        Totally not saying she’s better than other celebs. I don’t think that at all. It’s just nice to see kindness and kind gestures. Even if small.

        • Anonymous

          But you don’t know if its a kind gesture, that’s a story you made up as to why she has so many drinks.

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