Nick & JoAnna Garcia Swisher Introduce Daughter


Introducing Emerson Jay Swisher!

New parents Nick and JoAnna Garcia Swisher shared the first photo of their 4-week-old daughter via Twitter Tuesday.

“Who’s ready to see Emerson Jay Swisher?!” the Cleveland Indians first baseman, 32, tweeted before retweeting his wife, who added, “Nick and I would like you all to meet our little angel.”

The proud new parents – who are calling their beautiful baby girl Emme – shared the above shot of their daughter swaddled in a basket, wearing a headband and surrounded by flowers.

“Since the arrival of baby Emerson, Nick and I have been so filled with love, joy and gratitude,” the new mom, 33, wrote a week after Emerson’s May 21 birth. “Finally getting the chance to check back in with twitter and I’m totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of love … you tweeps are the best! Thank you!!”

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  1. Anonymous

    Emerson Jay? Sounds like they had a son.

  2. A

    Scary picture. It looks like she is lying in a coffin.

  3. Anonymous

    What a sweet photo. Emerson is a beautiful baby.

  4. arabella

    i hate parents who given a child a name like Emerson but called her Emme.

    • Anonymous

      Why? My name is Elizabeth but most of the time my mom calls me Liz. My given name can just be a mouthful to some and it can easier to simply say Liz.

    • Anonymous

      *be easier

    • SiervaMaria

      I’m not fond of it either. As a family and close family friend yeah, a pet name/nickname is cool but my thought is this; why give a name that the world will never know you by? What was the point of picking out a name in the first place if it’s only to be shoved to the background and when used people go “who?”

  5. arabella

    What the deal with celebrities giving their daughters masculine name-Emerson Jay Maxwell Drew Justice Jay Johnnie Rose Mason Jude Charlie Billy.

    • DanSy

      Now Rose is quite feminine lol

    • Daniella

      All I ever have to say to people who choose to give their child a very clearly masculine or feminine name (when they’re of the opposite gender) is: “Don’t get upset if teachers, professors, potential employers, etc. mistake them for a boy/girl before they get to meet them.” And if the middle name doesn’t give a clue about the gender, either, then seriously, don’t complain!

      On another note, I would actually assume Johnnie was a girl right off the bat. Names ending in “ie” are frequently feminine.

  6. brazilian

    I also thought she was in coffin!! Glad it’s not the case!

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not implying that I have a rosier outlook on life or anything of the sort but the thought that it looked like she was in a coffin never even crossed my mind until others brought it up.

  8. Bink

    I didn’t think this pic was morbid. I just thought it was nice to see a newborn pic where the kid looked comfy instead of manipulated into little odd positions with her chin in her
    hands folded like a little pretzel! Don’t get me wrong-I think those pics are cute-but they are so common these days.

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