Model & Her Surrogate Pregnant Simultaneously

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Caprice Bourret is only pregnant with one baby, yet she has two on the way!

The unique story of this model mom-to-be, who is planning to welcome two children just four weeks apart, is possible thanks to a surrogate — though the incredibly close timing was anything but planned.

“I’ve been speaking to my gestational carrier every day and she’s a member of my family now,” the model turned lingerie designer explained to The Sun. “She’ll be known to the boys as Auntie and she wants to keep in touch.”

The 41-year-old, seen here in late May, turned to surrogacy after being advised by doctors that her own chances of conceiving were slim. However, just one month after word came an American woman was pregnant with Caprice and millionaire Ty Comfort’s son, she found out she was pregnant too.

“I was really worried about telling everyone about surrogacy — over here in the UK it seems more taboo,” the six-months-along model, who is also expecting a boy, explained of how she’s handling her unique family on both a public and private level. ”I was worried what I’d tell my boys. But they’re going to know the truth, 100 percent.”

Caprice is due in September, while the surrogate is due one month earlier. Can you imagine being 9 months pregnant with a newborn to care for? Talk about exhaustion!

How interesting to think that the boys aren’t twins, but one will be the older brother by only a matter of weeks. My own two sons are 20 months apart, and go from fighting like cats and dogs to playing and laughing every other minute. I’m betting Caprice’s home will soon be filled with as much rambunctious noise as mine!

How far apart are your kids? Would you prefer them as close as Caprice’s will be?

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  • L

    What a bizarre scenario, she’s certainly going to have a baptism of fire being heavily pregnant with a newborn. I expect she’ll have help, but gosh will she need it!

  • HDP

    That’s quite a coincidence – and a blessing!
    If she *is* planning on breastfeeding the baby she’s giving birth to, then I suppose if the surrogate can pump for the first baby until the second has been born and her milk supply has been established, then she could take over breastfeeding the two, or pumping for the two.

    Also, you never know, with just a few weeks between the two babies due dates – maybe the surrogate might go overdue, and she might go early – they could be born on the same day! Which would mean in a *way* they would be twins, but not really I suppose.

    • Anonymous

      Life is a gift, and this woman’s surrogate is giving her and her family the most amazing gift that one could ever ask for.

      • Anonymous

        *This comment is meant to go below.

  • Josefina

    This I believe is a clear example of why I am against the manipulation of life, such as renting wombs to conceive children. Life is a gift, not a right. Many do not want to see this, but it is clear that something is not right when you hear from cases like this one, and many more that are yet to come I imagine ….

    • Anon

      No offense, but that’s bullshit. I’m sure she’s thrilled she’s going to have two children now, no matter the hardship (even raising one kid is hard enough). People who are desperate for a child to take that route are likely to be better parents, or at least better prepared, than couples that pop out babies ‘naturally’ without any thought or foresight if they can take care of them.

      • Anonymous

        But still, in defense of Josefina: is ‘desperate for a child’ a reason you should have one? Isn’t that a bit – well: a lot – selfish? It’s not like you’re denying a specific child or soul to be born, by not giving in to that ‘desperation’. Sure, it hurts, not being able to have children of your own. It hurts a lot. But a child shouldn’t exist solely to fill a hole, to ease your personal pain…

        • Anon

          By that logic, anyone who wants to have a child is only fulfilling a selfish desire. It’s only a question of how difficult it is to do it.

          I still think being prepared and capable financially and emotionally to raise a child is much better than just leave it to ‘nature’ and not think before getting pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    I read somewhere else that one of them was originally due with twins, and lost one of the babies. An amazing story…. best of luck to all of them!

    • Stefanie

      I read the surrogate was expecting twins, a boy and a girl but lost the girl.

  • Lane

    Once the model has her baby, I’m sure the care for both baby boys will be no different than caring for twins.

  • Josefina

    II’m not against life. The other way around, I’m in favor. When I hear news like this one, or, for example, an American couple who rents a womb in India, to have a child, because it is cheaper, it sounds so bizarre and un-natural. ……On the one hand people want to legalize abortion, on the other produce children at any cost and risk, and then millions of children to adopt. I feel that life has become a product for men. I want it, I have. I don t want it, I can throw it away. It doesnt seem that we are talking about life ….. I think we’re getting closer and closer to BRAVE NEW WORLD ….from Huxley

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