Guess Who Revealed: Anton Pacino

Al Pacino and his son Anton James grab a bite to eat in Beverly Hills **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**

It’s Anton Pacino!

Legendary actor Al Pacino was seen lunching with his 12-year-old son in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (June 19). The Godfather star, 73, wore all black alongside his son who sported a ninja T-shirt and flip-flops.

The pre-teen is Al’s son with actress Beverly D’Angelo, and he also has a twin sister named Olivia.

The National Lampoon’s actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about co-parenting the twins with her famous ex.

“We’re great friends,” Beverly said of her close relationship with Al. “The basis of our relationship was always a friendship and now 16 years down the line, it remains the same.”

She added: “These children were vey much wanted and it was a purposeful journey we took together. We reached a point where we decided it would be better not to live together. But we co-parent well. We have a schedule that we follow when the kids are with me and another for when they’re with him. We have a lot of consistency and we’re good friends. We’ve got a 50/50 agreement and I accommodate his work schedule and vice versa.”

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  1. arabella

    Anton Pacino

  2. AvaElizabeth

    don’t know but reminds me on rosie o’donnel, maybe her son?

  3. Chane

    Maybe it’s Andres García-Bernal, son of Andy García?

    • Albus

      Andres Garcia’s wife is not a celebrity so it can’t be him. Not to mention i don’t know who Andres Garcia Bernal is :-( Unless you meant Gael.

  4. Meag

    Al Pacino & Bevelry D’Angelo’s son Anton.

  5. Tiffany

    You’re just throwing out all the names of celebs that you know have fat kids.

  6. sasha k.

    jack depp

  7. Kim

    Liam Flockhart

  8. Natalie

    It’s Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes, the son of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes.

  9. AvaElizabeth

    where’s my post from yesterday? :-(

  10. Alyson

    Wow…Al Pacino is looking very thin! Hope nothing is wrong with his health. My nephews would love Anton’s t-shirt.

  11. Jennifer

    Al looks so run down and sweaty. LOL…. I wish he’d wear something besides that all black ensemble.


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