Kendra Wilkinson: I’m Ready For Baby No. 2


Kendra Wilkinson was hosting the Veet Smooth for Summer Pool Party last Saturday (June 22) when she tweeted: “My favorite #selfie from today! LOL #veetswim #VeetSwimPoolsideParty #veet”. The Kendra On Top star – who recently celebrated four years of marriage to Hank Baskett – shared to People that they want to give Hank Jr. a sibling.

She said, “Our week vacation in Big Bear, we found this new energy with each other, a new love, a new fascination about each other. And right now, we found the key to happiness. We have the key to marriage, we have the key to parenting, why not right now bring a new life into this world while we’re this happy? It just makes sense.”

She teased that fans of her reality show will see what’s going on in their marriage when Kendra On Top premieres on WeTV later this summer.

“I’m ready,” Wilkinson adds. “I couldn’t be more ready, and Hank couldn’t be more ready. Our souls have connected, even Little Hank’s. Little Hank keeps saying to us, ‘I want a brother and a sister.’ So we have included him in our decision, too.”

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  • Someone


  • Annie_S

    I automatically thought of the ‘Wife Swap’ episode with her and Kate Gosselin…

  • laura

    Yeah, just wait for tomorrow… It’s been 3 years now that Kendra Wilkison keeps changing her mind about baby number 2…
    Not interesting!

    • annefan

      exactly, this month she wants to get pregnant, next month she’ll say she’s not ready for another baby

    • annefan

      exactly, this month she wants to get pregnant, next month she’ll say she’s not ready for another baby

  • SMH

    Kendra Wilkinson On Top? Really that’s the name of her reality show LOL….guess she’ll be spending a lot of time doing that trying for baby #2 :)

  • meghan

    I had a bowel movement yesterday. Where’s my big TMI headline?

    • inTouch

      The difference is that she doesn’t want to read about your bowel movement… but you apparently DO want to read about her desire to have a baby.

      • meghan

        No I don’t. Until she’s pregnant, she’s just seeking attention from the press.

        • Anonymous

          Yet you keep reading and commenting. That shows interest, you fool.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather hear about this than about how much Kim Kardashian is enjoying her constant breastfeeding.

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