Busy Philipps Names Daughter Cricket

Exclusive... Pregnant Busy Philipps At Palihouse In West Hollywood

Move over Pilot Inspektor, Apple Martin, North West and Moxie Crimefighter, there’s a new quirky baby name in Hollywood!

Cougar Town star Busy Philipps and husband Marc Silverstein have announced the name of their newborn daughter: Cricket. A rep for the Dawson’s Creek alum, 34, confirmed the unique moniker to Us Weekly.

Baby Cricket – who was born on July 2 – joins a nearly 5-year-old sister with another interesting name: Birdie.

“It’s weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names,” Busy tweeted Wednesday. “Guys, my kids will be therapy for LOTS of reasons, I’m sure.”

Before birthing Cricket, Busy admitted that the new baby will be a “big adjustment” for Birdie. “We’ll see what happens when the actual baby comes,” she said. “I’m planning for that moment when she asks, ‘When does she go back?'”

What do you think of the name Cricket?

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  • mickey

    No way!

    • AvaElizabeth

      and.. the stupid names continue.

      Seems they really need the attention and the reports or why else should you give your child such a stupid name?

      Don’t know if the media echo is so much worth it.

  • aurélie

    it’s a cute name ! I can’t wait to see this beautiful baby girl, Birdie is so cute !!!

  • Karen


    Oh dear. North doesn’t sound that bad anymore, if I’m honest.

  • Kinky

    I think the name is really cute. I like it a lot and I think it goes very nicely with Busy, Birdie – and now Cricket.

  • Joey

    OMG, you have got to be kidding me. Cricket????? What the hell is next? Bumble Bee, Wasp, Moth. That is absolutely terrible.

  • Destiny

    I knew a Cricket when I was in middle schooI. I think the name is cute. Birdie is cute too.

    • Amy

      With a name like Destiny, I’m sure you probably did a Cricket.

      • Destiny

        Destiny is a character name. Not my name. My name is as common as Amy.

      • anonymous

        And with a boring name like Amy I’m sure you’ll pick the your kids name from the top ten names that year. Open your mind.

        • Amy

          Hahaha my name is Amelia so..

          • Anonymous

            Ummm, I think you missed her point.

    • NYCMommy

      Destiny, I remember there was a character named Cricket on The Young and the Restless as well. I also like the names Cricket and Birdie.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, brings back memories… Cricket and Danny.

  • Tula

    I love the name! I also like Busy and Birdie.

    • Anonymous

      Busy is not her real name it Elizabeth Busy is her childhood nick name.

  • Bink

    Birdies eat Crickets don’t they? JK I like the names.

  • Jj

    There are no words. The woman is an idiot!

  • Sophia

    Named after the noise that will be heard when her mom tells people her name. Just kidding, it’s pretty cute, but I’m a bit put off by the predator/prey relationship between the two Silverstein girls’ names……?

  • Anonymous

    Anything for attention!

  • Essa

    Poor, poor child…

  • SMH

    Cricket is a nice nickname….personally grasshopper sounds better!

    I feel bad for the kids of celebrities.

  • kellsbells

    I like it. I think it’s pretty. I actually know a girl called Cricket (birth name Christina but she has always been called Cricket and uses it as her first name).

    Yep, Birdie & Cricket. I can see the appeal.
    NOT to be confused with the likes of North West

    • Sophia

      I know a Christine who goes by Cricket too :) Love it as a nickname! As a given name I’m not so convinced.

  • Sweetpea

    This chick is absolutely insane.

  • Anie

    These people are now using these stupid names for their kids to get attention. They know they’ll get the headline and countless of comments from people. If they weren’t celebrities, i’m sure they wouldn’t do it. It’s ridiculous.

    I hope all these kids pull a Tallula Does the Hula from Hawaii, and teach their parents a lesson when they’ll be old enough to do it.

  • Jessica

    I think I’d rather be named North West.

  • Porter


  • amanda

    It doesn’t matter what celebrities of wealthy people name their children, they will never have to fill out a job application.

    • amanda

      or wealthy

  • Someone

    It’s oddly adorable!

  • Chloe

    It’s funny how if it was Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison, or Beyonce who named their child Cricket, everybody would hate it and say how cruel they are for doing that to a child… But because Busy is somebody who you all like, suddenly it makes Cricket sound like a cute name. It’s a ridiculous name for a little girl. Blue and North sound tame now.

    • anonymous

      Look around you! there’s plenty comments saying they hate the name!

    • coco

      Who said Cricket is a cute name? It’s disgusting! I really don’t get what comes across those people’s minds in that moment.. Kimye, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the Paltrow-Martin, Busy Phillips and her husband…
      Like, those names suck! And those kids are going to be so bullied!

  • Beth

    Busy, Birdie and Cricket? Fucking hell. So typical of an American.

    • anonymous

      What are you bloody talking about, Pippa? Stop insulting America and use this time wisely….like to go to the dentist.

      • Beth

        Pippa? That’s real witty but I’m Australian.

        • anonymous

          Oh sorry Crocodile Dundee……go take a bath

  • arabella

    cricket is a stupid name.first there was a bear,lion,fox,puma now a cricket these celebrities name are getting ridiculous.

  • Helena

    Aw it’s perfect for their family! Very sweet!

  • Laura

    poor kid….

  • Doreen

    Cricket Pearl…well…is the name PEARL this big right now? I think that a name is just a name and does not matter that much…and hey! Lily Aldridge named her daughter Dixie Pearl and here in germany “Dixie” is the name for a toilette….

    • Shay

      You’re right, what people can’t seem to understand is that every single name was made up at one point. Every name sounded funny at first. A lot of people are afraid of what they don’t see everyday…

  • vanessa

    seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!! poor poor child
    I love busy and she has a lovely family but seriously thats ridiculous .

  • sarah

    Busy is a horrible person who flips out on fans (I’ve experienced this myself with my cousin). She’s just vile. I feel bad for her husband and two girls, having to be around someone so horrible all of the time. I’ve heard many other people say the same things about her, so it’s definitely not just my one experience that was bad.

    • Destiny

      Celebs don’t owe us anything. It’s nice if they’re warm and friendly in real life, but remember, not all regular people are warm and friendly either.

  • Tula

    I love it! It’s not just celebrities that have the balls to choose a different name, lots of people are, you just don’t hear about them. I would HATE to have a name like Katelyn, Isabella, or Madison right now. I’d be more ashamed to tell someone my name with those names than with North or Cricket or Blue. I’m proud that my parents didn’t choose the same names everyone else chose.

    • coco

      What’s next? Basketball Kardashian Odom?

      • anonymous

        Or coco? And don’t say “but that’s not my real name…”
        because you liked it enough to use it on here, then you should have the confidence to like it elsewhere and not be afraid of what other people think.

        • coco

          Coco is WAY better than cricket, and yes, it’s not my real name.
          I wasn’t thinking of the best possible name ever when I picked up my nickname, and if you really want to know, I switch between two or three names every once in a while (never in the same post).
          So I think a website’s nickname is really not important.

          • anonymous

            If you think any name is important then your’e too worried about what others think of you. and coco is in the same category as cricket, neither one are traditional ‘names’. but you’ll only use it when you’re hiding behind a computer.

  • Jen

    I’m not a fan of either name, but I still think that the name Busy is much worse!

    • Sam

      Busy is a nickname because when she was little she was always moving and busy – her real name is Elizabeth.

  • Ryan

    Birdie and Cricket are not new or crazy names. I’m pretty sure they are more “old-fashioned” nicknames like Dottie, which I’ve also seen given as a first name. Cricket is cute and kind of reminds me of Gidget.

  • Megan

    I think the names are adorable for nicknames, but that’s just me.

  • Christine

    Years ago Mattel made a doll named Cricket – this name is not new or all THAT odd.

  • Lumi

    CBS, you should also report her middle name Pearl :)

  • Zelda

    I don’t love Cricket, but I’m kinda ok with it. But I do hate Birdie. I think it’s one of the worst celebrity names ever, worse than North or Blue. And birds do eat crickets, it’s all in all a terrible choice of names for both girls

  • Poppy

    Enough with Apple already! It DOES sound like a name, not worse than , let’s say, Grace.

    As for Cricket and Birdie, I’d make them nicknames but have the birth certificate saying something classic. In case a child wants to be a president someday.

  • Lily-of-the-Valley

    Anyone watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?? Cricket in that show…. Maybe she’s a fan? 😀

  • Micaela

    Its not that bad. I guess they will call her Cric for short.

  • Kate

    ewwww, birdies eat crickets, gahhhhhhhhhh

  • Chloé

    Criket Pearl, really? I dont understand!

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