Sienna Miller: I Want An Army Of Children

Sienna Miller & Family Enjoy A Day At The Park

Sienna Miller wants to give 1-year-old Marlowe lots of siblings.

Speaking to Du Jour magazine – the 31-year-old actress says, “I want an army, yeah. I want a full army. It’s insurance for when I get older. I’ve got to have one whom I don’t irritate too much that will just take care of me. I love a big heaving, bursting Christmas table. I want that table full.”

Asked how motherhood has affected her – she gushes, “It’s definitely more overwhelming than you can ever imagine. It’s completely life-changing in the most wonderful way. It reshapes your heart and you can’t really describe it or prepare for it, but it’s magical. It’s sort of the reason to live, I think.”

In her new film Just Like A Woman her character belly dances. However Miller hasn’t kept up with it stating, “I haven’t, because I got pregnant and grew a belly instead.”

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  1. Jj

    I love her hair! Cute bub.

  2. Joey

    Her hair is too cute.


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