Beyoncé Shares Photos Of Blue Ivy


Beyoncé shared some sweet snapshots with her 18-month-old daughter Blue Ivy.

While enjoying a family vacation in Miami, the popstar mama posted some the photos her Tumblr page.

The Bootylicious singer – who’s in the midst of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour – shared shots of herself and her daughter spending time together on the beach.

Beyoncé is seen toting Blue on her hip, walking with her along the sand, and cradling her on the shore.

Proud papa Jay-Z recently talked about their hopes for a big family.

“Absolutely, God willing,” the rapper said when asked about wanting more kids, joking that he would love “a little basketball team.”

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Photo credit: tumblr

  • Anonymous

    Looks just like her ugly father.

    • Sonia

      Yes. She is gonna be just like him. And thats not good.

  • Eva

    I cannot think of anything uglier than someone who would call a baby ugly.

  • nyb

    Beyonce shared pictures of herself, not her daughter. Pure vanity.

  • HDP

    It seems like she’s tried to keep baby’s face out of every shot but one – weird.

    • Sweetpea

      That one where her face is shown is a paparazzi shot. So Beyonce did keep Blue’s face out of every shot.

  • Nicolle

    Those who call a baby ugly are clearly ugly themselves. Blue’s adorable :)

    • Meghan

      I very much agree. I think she looks quite similar to B.

      • Anonymous

        I actually think she looks a lot like her Daddy. I just don’t consider that a bad thing.

    • anonymous

      She’s not ugly, but not every person is good looking. It’s naive to think so.
      No baby is ugly, but her father is for sure, no one can deny that.
      I’m sure she has enough of Beyonce in her to make her an attractive adult. We don’t have to sugar-coat the world, Blue isn’t reading this.

      • Sweetpea

        I thought it was wrong to verbally assault a child? Aren’t you verbally assaulting Blue? Yes you are. You are a joke.

        • Anonymous

          LOL… coming from the person who called Suri Cruise worse things than the paps did!! LOL LOL LOL What an idiot!

      • MIckey

        It seems you are obsessed with the concept of uglyness or prettyness… Is that really how you want to look at the world? Just step back and look at what nonsense you’re writing as if someone else had written it. And enjoy life!

  • sheida

    i also believe that Beyonce doesn’t really like showing Blue’s face she is not the cutest baby out there but every baby is the most beautiful for their parents

  • Anonymous

    Not cute at all….but anyone with eyes knows that.

  • Despicable

    It has come to be expected that any post of Blue on this site brings out insecure nasty little bottom-feeders, who make disgusting comments about an innocent baby.

  • Tee

    oh please Parents are both celebrities she is bound to be photographed, the sooner they start making their child comfortable with Paparrazi the better it is for the child. They are celebrities it comes with the territory.

  • Someone

    That first pic is just plain weird…it’s like she cropped the kid’s face out and just posted a pic of herself. What is the point.

  • Robin

    Wow you all are really mean. I think blue is a total cutie.

    • Anonymous

      So do I….

  • Anonymous

    And others think she’s not cute. It’s called having an opinion.

  • Jj

    I think she’s cute. I love black babies. They’re adorable.

    • Anonymous

      Not as cute as Asian babies, but definitely cuter than white babies and Eskimo babies.

      • anon

        Lmao, Yesss!!!

      • Jj

        You’re an idiot! It’s an observation. I think they’re cute.

  • Sandy

    the baby is so cute! She does look exactly like her father I hope she grows to look like her mother because papa is well lets just say, not that handsome, not even cute……….But she is cute!

  • Annie

    To all you saying she will grow up to look like Beyonce, I say to you….only with plenty of plastic surgery and rhinoplastys. Have you never heard of before and after plastic surgery on google?

  • Jen

    The way I feel about it is, Beyonce obviously thought Jay Z was cute, I mean she fell in love and married him for God’s sake!, so of course she is going to think Blue is beautiful because she has his traits. No matter what, her baby is a reflection of her love for her husband, so what the public thinks doesn’t matter that much. Not every baby is gorgeous, but what matters is that they are to their parents :)

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think she “obviously” thought Jay Z was cute? Maybe she just loves him anyway?

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