Stephen Moyer Steps Out With The Twins

Exclusive... Stephen Moyer Takes His Twins With Him To A Meeting

Double the cuteness.

True Blood star Stephen Moyer stepped out with his 10-month-old twins, Charlie and Poppy, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (July 20). The doting daddy pushed his babies in the stroller as he headed into a meeting.

Stephen’s wife and True Blood costar, Anna Paquin, was not spotted with the trio.

The private couple – who have yet to announce the exact date of the twins’ birth – recently revealed their babies’ names.

After mentioning that his 10-year-old daughter Lilac is leaving for sleep-away camp, Stephen said he and Anna planned on spending Father’s Day “hanging out with Charlie and Poppy.”

The actor is also dad to 12-year-old son Billy from a previous relationship.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m just curious how CBS knows he was heading into a meeting. Do they photographers generally ASK these people where they’re going?

    • amina

      Good one, but more to the point, do the celebs respond to these pesky paps’ nosy questions?

  • Miri

    Actually, they got it wrong. Moyer took the twins to his rehearsal for “Chicago” which he will star in at the Hollywood Bowl. I’ve seen pics of Moyer and Charlie in the rehearsal hall. He is an involved and loving father to all his kids. Btw, Anna is at ComicCon.( As you can tell, I am a BIG fan!)

  • mrs. trumbell

    is charlie a boy or girl?

    • poopypop


  • Anonymous

    I find it funny how people will judge P.diddy for having 3 different baby mothers but not Stephen who also has 3 different baby mothers and who like Diddy cheated. He cheated on Lilac mother who he was with for seven years with Billy mom and maybe Anna.

    • Anonymous

      To be fair, you have no idea whether this man cheated or didn’t cheated, but it’s fair that people don’t judge him the same as the Diddy guy.

    • Kay

      We don’t know about his personal life, so why should we judge.

      What I do know from interviews I read, he was single for a year before he met Anna. He spent all of 2005-2006 living in Australia, filming a movie (Restraint) and 1 mini series (Starter Wife) away from his home in the UK and that lead to him breaking up with Lilac’s mother. If there was any cheating going around, they wouldn’t get along because I’ve seen candid pics where Anna and Lilac’s mom have hung out together and are very civil towards each other.

  • Miri

    @ Anonymous – Stephen seems to be a loving, commited and involved father to all his children. The rest is none of my business, and that goes for P. Diddy as well. Btw, he could not have cheated on Lilac’s mother with Billy’s mom because Billy is his oldest child and then comes Lilac. Please take your nonsense somewhere else please.

    • Anonymous

      Technically, he could have cheated on Lilac’s mom with Billy’s mom, even though Billy is older. Maybe he went back for seconds.

  • Miri

    @Anonymous – Have a nice day dear…….

    • @ Miri

      Wow you seem like an a obsessed fan it was a simple observation so calm down.

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