Connor & Bella Cruise: Hangin’ Out In London

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Connor Cruise and his sister Isabella have been in London the past couple of days. The 18-year-old posted a photo of the two as well as a video of them riding bikes in Hyde Park.

He writes on July 23, “Hangin with Bellz in London”

Connor has been deejaying in Europe. He was also in Cologne and Nuremberg earlier this week. During one of his gigs a fan gave him a ring.

He tweeted: “To whomever gave me this ring in Nuremberg during my set, thank you! It’s dope, I wear it all the time now!”

The teen seems to like traveling. He stated via Twitter: “Being out of LA is like taking a breath of fresh air. The people in Europe are just nicer.”

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  • Anonymous

    Awww, how sweet. Bella seems so much happier now that she’s gotten her weight down, and Tom Jr. is morphing into his (biological) father more and more with each passing day.

    • Annie

      I know right!? Maybe he’s Tom’s love child (or “surrogate child”) with someone else, while he was married to Nicole and she couldn’t become pregnant. With all the shady stuff happening in Scientology, and his humongous ego, I wouldn’t be surprised if Connor was biologically his.

      • Mickey


  • DanSy

    Bella looks like John Travolta…

  • Emma

    She does kind of look like John Travolta! I wouldn’t have thought of it though.

    Connor is a good looking guy! Wow!

    • DanSy

      She does, I’m surprised how much she actually looks like him! He’s into Scientology too, isn’t he?
      And his own daughter Ella also is a big girl… Just saying… This picture gave my fantasy a go lol I’ve never really thought about it though.

  • Sarah

    Children who are adopted often end up looking somewhat like their parents, because they mimic their facial expressions and such as they grow up. A good friend of mine has adopted a son and a daughter, and you’d swear they were her biological kids based on looks alone.

    Bella looks like Nicole to me, too.

    • Poppy

      So true! The only thing that\s genetic about one\s face is basic bone structure, the rest we get through life mimicing those who care about us most

  • molly

    Who cares who the bio parents are or who they look like??? Parents are who raise and care for you. These two have parents who obviously have done a great job. They seem to be happy and healthy, and both have grown up to be beautiful people. And unlike so many kids of famous parents, they have been drama free in the press. Their parents should be proud.

  • Wanker

    I was just coming on here to post the same thing about Connor. He looks like Tom Cruise. I didn’t realize until reading the comments that he is supposed to be adopted.

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