Evan Rachel Wood: Malibu Mom-To-Be

Exclusive... Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood & Jamie Bell Stop By A Grocery Store

Getting close.

Mom-to-be Evan Rachel Wood stepped out with Jamie Bell in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (July 20). The Ides of March actress, 25, kept it casual in a black and gray outfit while grocery shopping with her hubby.

The pregnant Mildred Pierce actress recently caused a stir after tweeting about her cravings.

“Whoa. Whoa. Peanut Butter Pop Tarts?! Of course, because I can’t smoke any weed right now,” she wrote. “Dammit!”

On Sunday, the mom-to-be returned to Twitter asking fans for their support in the coming months.

“I believe kids should be protected and not public domain,” she wrote.

“When my baby comes I would greatly appreciate no support of any pap photos,” she added. “It starts with you. Big thanks to anyone who understands and shows their support. Lots of love. We know it wont eliminate the problem and it comes with the territory and all of that good stuff. But even a little goes a long way. Paps while sometimes harmless can be very rude and become very aggressive and people do get hurt. Its scary to have around a baby.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Someone

    Strange to have a close up shot of just her belly

  • Jennifer

    If celebrities TRULY cared about the privacy of their children, then they would leave Hollywood altogether and get another job. They want to have their cake and eat it, too, but what they need to realize is that the reason they ARE celebrities and make a fortune is because their fans are interested in their lives off-screen, as well — and that includes their children. I’m not condoning the aggression of paparazzi, but some of these celebs need a reality check.

    You don’t want the paparazzi pursuing you and your kids? Stop acting in movies and on TV. They’ll leave you alone real quickly, believe you me.

    • Anonymous

      The paparazzi have gotten completely out of control in the past two decades. It wasn’t always this way in Hollywood. Multimedia has changed the game. Anyone with a camera and internet access can now become self-employed paparazzi. There are no rules, no standards, no ethics, no mutual respect between photog and celeb. It’s all too easy for them to make money off of someone else’s private life. No background checks or mental evaluations needed. Just a camera and an empty schedule – perfect for those who have zero jobs skills or ambitions to make an honest living in the real job market. Privacy/stalking laws are needed. Not just celebrities would benefit from them either, everyone would. It makes more sense to protect people than just say “leave Hollywood”. The ONLY difference between the paparazzi and a stalker is a camera. It’s a stalking issue. They shouldn’t be allowed to camp outside of a home and then follow someone within a few feet of them and their children for the entire day, and then do it all over again the next day and the next day and the next…

      I will say that I don’t feel sorry for the famewhores that welcome all the media attention into their lives and tweet every single thing they do. Those idiots get what they deserve. They’re usually the talentless ones any way.

      • Jennifer

        Totally agree that the paparazzi are dangerous stalkers against whom more legal protection is needed. But I still believe that celebrities who reap the benefits (read: money and attention) that come along with being a famous movie/TV actor should understand that a certain lack of privacy — and interest in their off-screen lives — is part of the job if they want to continue getting those high-paying acting gigs. It’s not realistic of her to ask her fans not to look at paparazzi pictures of her and her child. Again, move out of Hollywood and/or get another job if that’s a primary concern.

        • Anonymous

          You assume all famous people are super rich? Not so. Some of these famous families are stalked every day because they live on public streets (not gated communities) and are easy targets for the paparazzi. They just camp outiside their house and then follow them the entire day, or even worse, take photos of them in their own yard. It’s not fair. Not every famous person earns 50 million a year or welcomes the attention. They’re just trying to live their life and work to provide for themselves.

    • Veronica

      Dumbest comment I’ve ever read. It’s their job and they have the RIGHT to do whatever they want for a living. They aren’t complaning, they’re just saying that THEIR CHILD doesn’t need to be famous or have his/her pictures taken.

      You can take pictures of the family, and they won’t complain, but paps are agressive and USA’s laws regarding them are useless. Here in Spain (and in Europe in general) children’s faces have to be pixelated to protect their identity until they’re adults (18). Otherwise, and if a child’s face isn’t pixelated, the parents can sue the magazine AND they will win in court. It’s illegal. I think USA NEEDS to created laws against paps. I’m not saying they should pixelate children faces (or yes, but that would undoubtely be a problem for sites like this one) but they need to UNDERSTAND and RESPECT that the celebs are the parents, not the children.

      • Veronica

        And by “them” I meant the paps.

  • hopper

    I just love this couple. They are refreshing . Ooodles of talent both of them . Congratulatons on baby.

  • Anabelle

    I used to love Evan Rachel Wood but now she just comes across like a pretentious little brat in her interviews and Tweets.

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