24 Celebrities Who’ve Given Birth After Turning 40



From our friends at PopSugar Moms! by Rebecca Gruber.

We caught a glimpse of Halle Berry’s growing bump this week, and it reminded us just how fabulous she looks rocking a baby bump at 46 years old. The expectant mama is due to welcome her second child, a son, this Fall. Halle’s no stranger to extending her childbearing years well into her 40s — she gave birth to daughter Nahla when she was 41. Whether it’s a case of art imitating life or the other way around, the over-40 baby boom shows no signs of stopping.

Visit LilSugar.com to see which other celeb mamas haven’t let their biological clocks get in the way of important family business.

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  1. Mickey

    ‘haven’t let their biological clock in the way’… As if that is a choice. I feel sorry for women who cannot afford this ‘fertility’ when the biological clock fails…

  2. RSVS

    I hope to have another baby in my 40s too if it’s God’s plan for my family.

    • Simone

      I pray that God will bless your family with another beautiful, healthy child. I, too, am praying for babies & I’m over 40 as well. Blessings to all!

  3. ocmom

    So rare to have child in their mid to late 40′s that isn’t through donor eggs. Celebrities are not born with better genes than the rest of us. I hope they don’t keep perpetuating the myth about fertility after mid 40′s.


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