Kourtney Kardashian Served With Paternity Lawsuit

Kourtney Kardashian and Joyce Bonelli step out with their little ones

Baby daddy drama for Kourtney Kardashian.

According to TMZ, male model Michael Girgenti claims that he had unprotected sex with Kourtney in 2009 and that her son Mason, 3, is also his son. He has now filed a paternity lawsuit asking for joint custody.

The two met during a photo shoot in August 2008. Girgenti says they connected and began a texting relationship for three months.

In the legal documents, Girgenti claims Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick were “on the outs” and “she wanted to hang.”

The male model goes on to claim they did not use protection and nine months later Mason was born. He says that Mason looks like him and he has repeatedly asked Kourtney for a DNA test.

Kourtney’s attorney stated: “This individual has been selling false and fabricated stories to the tabloids for years about Kourtney Kardashian and her son, Mason. Scott Disick is Mason’s father.”

A hearing is set for next month. 

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  1. klutzy_girl

    Please. Mason and Penelope definitely look alike and like Scott. And please, if this was his child, why didn’t he do this right after Mason was born? And Scott’s raising him, so he’s Mason’s father no matter what.

  2. Alex.

    Somebody wants money.

  3. anonymous

    He’s hoping they’ll pay him off whether he’s the father or not. This is an opportunist hoping to profit. I hope they don’t cave and settle because then he’s won with a totally frivolous claim.

  4. SMH

    Well then Penelope must be his child too because that child is a spitting image of Mason and I don’t think either of them look like Kourtney. I am sure it’s all about money!

  5. anon

    Clearly these kids are Scott’s. They look exactly like him but with Kourtney’s coloring. The guy is looking for attention.

  6. poopypop

    oh wow……i can see scott in nelly, but mason is all mum……i thought mason had scotts ears though

  7. coco

    The most ridiculous thing about this mess is that he says that the fact that Penelope looks nothing like Mason proves Mason is his son, when in fact Penelope looks EXACTLY like Mason (and like Scott), which proves the opposite, that they’re Scott’s children.
    I’m sad that Kourtney and Scott have to go through this: the Kardashians certainly don’t inspire spontaneous sympathy, but I have to admit that they’re often subject to people who abuse them just to gain some popularity and money (other examples are: the woman who claims Khloe is not Robert Kardashian’s daughter; Kris Humphrey, who’s been dragging the whole divorce procedures for years, even though they were just married for 72 days….)

  8. Robin

    I just looked this guy’s photos up and mason really does look like him. I never did see much of Scott in Mason to be honest. I’m interested to hear the results of the test.

  9. D

    Half siblings can look a lot alike (Armenian roots are strong). The model really looks like Mason, they have the same smile, face shape and eyebrows

  10. Colleen

    There is no way.

  11. Leah

    So what if he’s the father, can he afford the child support??

  12. Jessica

    Wow! I just looked up this guy and he looks JUST like Mason! Yes I do agree that Penelope looks like Mason.. but I also see a lot of Scott in her. With Mason I don’t see scott in him at all.. this Michael guy.. they could be twins!

  13. Anonymous

    Kourtney SHOULD know who the father’s of her children are, so she SHOULD go ahead with the DNA test, and get it over with. That is if she KNOWS who the father is. If she doesn’t…………….

    • Cecilia

      I agree to an extent. However, I would worry about the precedent these kind of cases set. Unless this guy can prove that they had a intimate relationship around the time of Mason’s conception, it could open the doors for any joe-schmoe who has ever been in the same city as them to claim paternity of a celeb’s kid. Then many would do that hoping they could get 15 mins of fame, a payoff to go away, or just hoping they will get to meet the celeb or be in the same room as them. If the judge does order a paternity test, it might behoove Scott to just submit to a DNA test with Mason so that any future claims by 3rd parties would be easily dismissed and they wouldn’t have to waste their time. Of course, this is all if Scott is Mason’s biological Dad. I always thought Mason looked like Scott but I think he actually resembles the other guy too.

  14. Smilley

    i cant hardly wait to see how kourtney reacts to this and even scottty or what they say lord disick
    may be lord disick is finding a way out from kourtney… who knows
    why is that kardashians are filed for paternity test
    first it was kris then kourtney
    i wonder if next will be kim then khloe
    it goes in order….

  15. Grandma of Four

    Hummm….Just looked up photos of Michael Girgenti and Mason does resemble him! But, he resembles Scott and definitely resembles his little sis! WHAT a mess for Kourtney and Scott…must be putting all sorts of stress into their relationship. I cannot imagine the courts ordering a DNA test based on this Michael person’s say so that there was a physical relationship with Kourtney…going to be had to prove! MONEY has to be involved!

  16. Marie

    Honestly, I don’t think Mason looks anything like this guy. They both have darker features, that’s about it. Obviously, Kourtney his mom has darker features too. I think he’s all Scott with Kourtney’s coloring.

    • coco


    • Anonymous

      He just may be Scott’s son, but I don’t think that Mason looks ANYTHING like Scott. He looks like his little sister, with his mothers non-anglo features.

      I wonder what will happen IF Mason turns out to be MG’s son. I suppose they’d try to bribe him into silence. He’ll make a killing with the tabloids, and he’d then have to rights to refuse to allow Mason to appear on television.

      I can not stand the Kardashians, but I do HOPE that Mason is Scott’s.

  17. Lea

    I don’t think Mason and Penelope look a lot like each other, and Mason has got Scott’s mouth and ears (you can see the mouth here: http://welcome2cali.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/scott-disick-mason-and-michael-girgenti.png). Mason looks nothing like that Michael Girgenti. I’m pretty sure if there was the slightest doubt Kourtney would have asked Scott to undergo a paternity test, she is rich and there is no way she would have taken the risk to share custody (and potentially have to pay child support) to someone who wouldn’t be her son’s biological father. And she had no interest in lying to Scott, since they weren’t really together at the time and clearly they tried to make their relationship work afterwards for Mason’s sake.
    I think the model dude is fame hungry and I really, really hope Mason never hears anything about all that crap.

  18. Doreen

    I think someone needs a bit attention…

  19. Hanna

    Mason looks nothing like Scott and I think deep down everyone knows it but that doesn’t mean he is not the father.

  20. Anonymous

    I don’t think Mason looks like either of these men. You guys are seeing what you want to see.


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