Report: Gwen Stefani Is Pregnant

Gwen Stefani & Family Step Out In London

According to In Touch, rockstar couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are expecting baby No. 3!

An insider close to the Hollaback Girl singer, 43, reveals, “She and Gavin couldn’t be happier” about the exciting news.

“She’s just trying to focus on resting right now,” adds the source. “She wants to make sure that all is well with the baby.”

When chatting about a third child in the past, the Spiderwebs singer didn’t ruled out trying for a girl.

“I don’t know. Having children is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Gwen said. “No one could have prepared me for how awesome it is and how hard. And having two boys – there’s a lot of energy. I mean, it does seem weird that I don’t have a girl, but I feel like I’m running out of time. I also don’t want to spread myself so thin that I can’t even be good for them… Poor Zuma, he’d be the middle guy.”

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  • klutzy_girl

    I’m reluctant to believe it because this is from InTouch, but she has been looking pregnant lately. However, she was also photographed in a bikini and didn’t look pregnant, so I’m not sure.

    • Anonymous

      Where do you get she been looking pregnant lately?

      The bikini photos prove she not pregnant so how are you not sure?

      Anyway I believe this when its confirmed.

      • klutzy_girl

        Same. I’m not believing anything unless PEOPLE, US, or Gwen herself confirms this.

        There were quite a few photos where she looked pregnant, but the bikini photos seemed to disprove it.

  • Anonymous

    Your posting this from InTouch really. InTouch also said that she and Gavin were getting a divorce and look they are still married.

  • Anonymous

    Wow thats totally unexpected. I won’t believe it until its confirmed from someone a little more reliable but big congratulations if its true!

  • anonymous

    I don’t believe this for a minute judging by all the other bogus pregnancy rumors about other celebrities out there. And no one else should either until it’s confirmed by the people in question.

    • anon

      Most celebrities usually ARE pregnant when a report surfaces. It may just take a few weeks for them to confirm. Ex: Rachel Zoe, Halle Barry, Fergie, Jessica Simpson. Not always..but usually…

      • jane

        Like Jennifer Aniston, for example.

        • anonymous

          Exactly. How many times did we hear she was pregnant, ad nauseum. Maybe they will let up when they hit their 50’s.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry but reporting Fergie being pregnant 10 or more times and her being pregnant once dose not make them right. If it did then Angelina Jolie would have 40 kids or more kids by birth and adoption.

      • Anonymous

        It didn’t take Rachel Zoe a few weeks, it took 3 months. For all we know, she wasn’t even pregnant when she was asked.

        • anon

          Right…but usually you wouldn’t confirm until you are through your first trimester to be safe so that’d be about 3/4 months later…

  • anonymous

    She probably had a fluffy top on one day so now she’s “pregnant.”

  • Anonymous

    If she is pregnant, that’s great news. She mentioned she really wanted a daughter so let’s see what happens….

  • anon

    Ha I thought she was! There are a few pics of her in a black tank top and a small bump is visible. Let’s just wait for her confirmation to be sure.

  • Someone

    Ah I hope so!!! LOVE this family!

  • HDP

    I just hope she is because I always love to hear a new and interesting celebrity baby name – and with kids already called Kingston and Zuma, I’d love to see what she’d call a girl….

    But seriously, congrats to them if they are, they’re a cute couple – but let them break the news themselves!!!

  • your mom

    Yikes! She’s 43. Hope all is well.

    • Kristina

      Halle Berry is 47 and having a baby, so?

      • your mom

        So, I personally think having a baby in your 40s is too old. Just my opinion….not to mention the health risks to the baby.

  • Kimp

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  • Marilyn

    A lot of websites are reporting it so maybe it’s true, but they all say “reportedly”. She is wearing loose-fitting tops though.

    • Anonymous

      The a lot of website were also reporting Beyonce was pregnant for the second time and it was not true.

      The pictures of Angelina Jolie and kids at the mall that most website posted as being new which turned out to be photos from 2 years ago.

      • Marilyn

        Us magazine has confirmed it. People should follow soon.

  • sierra

    I’m not inclined to believe this, based on an interview she gave where she said zuma wanted another sibling but she said something about how it wasn’t in the cards for her. Could be true, but we will see

  • klutzy_girl

    And US (along with E!Online) has confirmed! Just waiting for the PEOPLE confirmation, but this is definitely true.

    Not a big fan of her or anything, but I can’t wait to find out the third crazy baby name they pick.

  • SAMI

    I bet this baby will be a girl. Too bad Zuma is 5.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it too bad that Zuma is 5? Is it because there will be an age difference? There are 6 years between me and my sister and we didn’t have any issues, we have a wonderful relationship.

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