Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Introduce Daughter


Meet Carmen Baldwin.

Proud parents Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin introduce their 2-week-old daughter in the latest issue of HELLO! “From 7am to 7pm she’s great sleeper,” Alec told the mag. “At night she says, ‘Let’s have a conference.”

But they’re not complaining too much. “Last night we were sitting there, and you realise, I’m not going to have this moment again. I just want to enjoy every moment,” he shared.

“We have trouble sleeping because you just want to stare at her,” Hilaria added.

Alec, 55, and yoga instructor Hilaria, 29, were wed in June 2012.

“It was the best party I’ve ever been to,” Hilaria said. “Everyone is saying, ‘Can you guys get married again, please?'”

And check out the cute Instagram photo in the thumbs below. “Carmen likes to take a siesta with her daddy,” the proud mama wrote.

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Photo credit: HELLO!/ Instagram

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful family.
    Carmen is adorable.

  • Barbara

    She looks like her daddy in the brow & eye areas.

  • Someone

    Hilaria is such a beautiful woman but she looks much older than 29 in these pictures. She has always looked so young and fresh

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is.

      • NoAdditives

        Maybe it’s that she just had a baby?

        • Anon

          And is exhausted?

          • alyce

            And a victim of awful photoshopping!!!

        • Anonymous

          :) Its not that sort of thing. I don’t think she looks tired or worn out. She still looks beautiful. Maybe its the hairstyle. I don’t think the semi-bouffant she’s got going on works for her.

    • your mom

      It’s the clothes. She looks like she’s wearing a nurse’s uniform.

  • anonymous

    Hilaria looks the same as she always has, gorgeous. You’re used to seeing her in different lighting.

  • Ianthe

    The person who commented that she’s an ugly woman who looks like a rat, especially when she smiles, got it just right. He looks positively — what’s that word he ued to describr the guy who’s writing a book about the Baldwins? The kid had better grow up to look like neuther of them. How much did it weigh at birth?

    • anonymous

      She’s beautiful and He’s handsome. Now You on the other hand…

    • lee

      Wow! I would like to see a picture of your ugly mug!!! She is a beautiful woman and her daughter is just as beautiful. You are a very sad person to say that she looks like a RAT?????? go to the doctors and get your eyes checked ASAP.

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