Liev Schreiber’s Bike Boys

Liev Schreiber and his Boys go for an Afternoon Ride

Salt actor Liev Schreiber was spotted with his sons Sasha, 6, and Kai, 4, in New York City on Monday (September 23). The adorable blonde brothers were seen heading home from school on dad’s bike.

Earlier this month, Liev and the boys were joined by mama, actress Naomi Watts, on their way to class. The actress jogged alongside the boys who were on their bikes.

Naomi’s new film, Diana, the bio-pic that focuses on the romance between Diana, The Princess Of Wales and Dr. Hasnat Khan, has been slammed by the critics.

“It was very daunting,” Naomi said of playing Lady Di.

She added: “Normally when you’re inventing a character, you start from the inside. With Diana, I had to go in the reverse direction. Dealing with the most famous woman of our time, I had to get the look, the walk and the talk as familiar as possible.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • http://babyscoop hilal

    diana saw the movie today,very nice ı like…

  • Isabella

    Beautiful boys.

  • Anonymous

    Put some helmets on those kids and learn how to fit them properly! Helmets aren’t there for decoration – they’re there for protection from brain injury. Wearing them improperly is like holding your seat belt in front of you in a car but never clicking it in.

    And while some might say they’re “just walking the bike,” remember that they’re in a city with heavy car and pedestrian traffic. Accidents happen. Not to mention that by not wearing helmets themselves and by not enforcing a “helmets on whenever you’re on a bike” rule, they’re inadvertently teaching their kids that helmets don’t matter.

    • Christie

      They obviously wear helmets… They are in the front basket.
      They are walking down the sidewalk… Do you wear a helmet while you are walking? Maybe there should be a law that requires children to wear helmets at all times. Would you like that?

    • Meghan

      Don’t you get tired of posting the same thing every time photo’s of them are posted? I don’t see anything wrong with not wearing helmets while their Dad is walking the bike. Not a big deal. They where them when they’re riding, as they should.

      • Anon

        They wear them falling off the back of their heads when they’re riding which is about as good as wearing nothing at all.

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