Gisele Bündchen & Vivian: Morning Meditation

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Gisele Bündchen shared a sweet new snapshot with 9-month-old daughter Vivian.

“Good morning!” the supermodel posted via Instagram Tuesday. “Getting ready for work. #quickmeditation #grateful.”

In July, the Brazilian beauty shared a mother-daughter yogi pose.

Gisele and husband, football star Tom Brady, are also parents to 3-year-old son Benjamin. And Tom and ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan are parents to 6-year-old son Jack.

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  1. Heather

    So Sweet!

  2. anon

    So nauseating.

  3. Joey

    So stupid

  4. Pippa

    Who do you guys think is taking that picture? Her maid? Her nanny? Tom?
    She says in the tweet: “#grateful”? How about this hashtag… #youbetterbegratefulyoupretentiousrichmodelwithacuterichhusband&twogorgeouskids&mansionsallovertheworld&enoughmoneytofeedallthepoortheUS&Brazilcombined.

    • Pippa

      the end of that, that ran off the page said:

    • amy

      Her sisters are her best friends and always with her. They travel with her and go on family holiday with her. They work with her too. She follows them on her instagram, they take the photos. Gisele is a no makeup messy haired hippy who loves her family. It astounds me how people think shes “supermodel gisele” in her normal life. Shes not at all. Shes richer then sin yet dresses normally unlike many models who dress for paps. Go beyond gossip blogs once in a while, youd be surprised at how much more you can learn about someone, if you want..

  5. GiseleIsADB

    OMG gag

  6. Sophia

    Gisele: Hello people-who-choose-to-follow-me-on-Instagram! Here is a photo of me and my baby having a lovely time :) :) ~*~*<3*~*~
    Everyone: !!! OMG shuddup Gisele I hate u for being rich and famous and pretty like why do u even do yoga with ur baby anyway ur so annoying !!!!!

    …you do realise how ridiculous you sound, right?

  7. anonymous

    self absorbed

  8. cb

    i am not a gisele fan. everytime she is quoted she sounds so uppity and arrogant. and this showing pics of the back of the baby is stupid. if you cant show her face, then dont show at all.

    • Yolo

      She sounds uppity and arrogant because she is. I agree with you. I can’t stand it when celebs show us the back of their baby’s head. It’s a total cop out. Show their face, or dont show them at all. They dont realize how totally hypocritical that is!

      • Sophia

        Hypocritical like how? Pretty sure she can show her baby from any angle she pleases on her own personal Instagram account. She doesn’t “owe” you a front-on view of her child, especially if you’re not even a fan. Just saying.

        • Yolo

          Of course she can do whatever she wants on her own Instagram. That is not what i said, and you are missing the point.
          I will explain: The hypocrisy lies in the fact that she feels the need to show only the backside of her baby, as if that is any different/better than showing her face. Just because she is not showing her face, doesn’t mean she is not exposing her child to publicity! That picture is a form of publicity, but she thinks it’s not because she is not showing her face.

          Giselle and other celebs thought-process is something like this: “I don’t want to show her face because I am “protecting her” and I don’t want people to think that I am exposing my baby for publicity, so I will just show her from the back because then I am a protective parent.”

          Pay attention now, here comes the hypocrisy: These celebs are pretending that their child’s face is a secret, when we all know what your child looks like. We can see her anywhere on the Internet when I Google her name. So stop pretending that you’re “protecting” your daughter by not showing her face. If you dont get it, I cant help ya!

      • amy

        Uppity? Happiness and being positive is why shes soo successful. (No shes not just a model, shes an almost billionaire, an empire). Being a debbie downer will keep you down! Go on get happy, maybe you wont be swewing so much hostility.


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