Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Name Son Maceo-Robert

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez take a stroll in the City of Love **USA ONLY**

According to PEOPLE, new parents Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have named their son Maceo-Robert.

“Maceo” is of Spanish origin, in honor of Olivier’s father, Robert Martinez, who was a Spanish boxer. It translates as “gift of God.”

While the newlyweds, both 47, have not officially confirmed their son’s name, a close friend of Olivier posted it on her blog.

According to an insider, the couple “decided on a name that’s great in both the U.S. and France.”

Halle also has a 5½-year-old daughter, Nahla Ariela, from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry.

Do you like the name Maceo-Robert?

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  • Toya

    Maceo-Robert is a lovely name.. And to honor grandpa is very special.
    I can’t wait to get a glimpse of their “gift of god”

  • Joey

    I love the name Maceo. Very nice.

  • Marilyn

    I like the name but that is a lot to write on a school paper.
    My brother’s name is just the opposite: Robert Matthew.

  • Anonymous

    Maceo is ok…….but hyphenated names are stupid, just pick one.

    • Nita

      Hyphenated names are extremely common in France (and in many Mediterranean countries). They’re not considered as 2 names put together, but 1.

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  • Robin

    I like Maceo. Is it pronounced Mass-aye-oh or Mace-E-oh?
    And yeah, hyphenated first names are pretentious and overdone.

    • jool

      Mass – a (like in take, not like in ball 😀 ) – o

  • Ali-Spain

    I’ve never heard this name in my life! and don’t know the pronunciation either.

  • Jen

    I like it!

  • http://www.madeforthebaby.com/ Smith

    The name sounds strange.

  • Lane

    Luv the name, but hyphen not needed. Heard it spelled different ways May See Oh or Mah Che Oh. Either way.. So happy for Halle!!! and Olivier. I pray their love and happiness continue forever.

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