Lisa D’Amato Welcomes First Child: Daxel Vaughn Friedman

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New mom Lisa D’Amato has shared new photos of her baby boy Daxel Vaughn Friedman. The America’s Next Top Model star and her husband Adam welcomed their bundle of joy a week and a half ago.

She wrote: “My baby boy Daxel Vaughn Friedman is born! He is 7pds 2oz and he is perfect! I’m in love. #LibraBaby #BornOnTheDayOfTheHeartBreaker.”

In a snapshot from the hospital one caption reads, “My hubster is in love with our son. He’s playing Dax his favorite songs. Sooo cute”

Lisa also posted a photo of a friend drinking a placenta smoothie.

“Placenta smoothie party w/ @joaniedodds @spraguetheleg who’s next?!?!”

Days before she showed off the drinks telling fans, “Prepped my 1st placenta “hers and his” smoothies for my hub and I… Tastes like a smoothie! #controversy #placentavitamins #yum.”

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. Kim

    Why is he in the hospital gown and not her?

  2. kell

    Did she give birth, or did he? Weird picture..

  3. Anonymous

    What is a Daxel?

  4. Ld

    I believe it’s a joke, guys. You know the typical pic where mom and baby are in the hospital bed while dad just finds a way to pose next to them? They reversed it. As if he had the baby. Had a good laugh over it!

    • jool

      It’s just that with his head shaved, I really tought he had cancer when I first saw it… It’s weird. But hey, I’m just happy the three of them are healthy and happy

  5. Megan

    I find the picture of the drinks a bit odd. Are they alcoholic drinks? Its just strange…lets celebrate the birth of our baby with some booze!

  6. Anonymous

    Not funny at all.

  7. Ryan

    It’s funny and original, just like her. Stop being so humorless, guys.


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