Rachel Zoe & Her Captain Skyler

Semi-Exclusive... Pregnant Rachel Zoe Takes Skyler To A School Halloween Party

Rachel Zoe took Skyler to Halloween party in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (October 31). When asked what the 2-year-old was dressed as the celebrity stylist replied,”He is Captain Skyler”.

She also shared a link via Instagram of Skyler looking at two singing cheerleaders. Zoe wrote: “Totally normal day at the office.”

The pregnant mom has had time to get into costume herself. She tweeted a snapshot of herself at another party with friends including Jessica Alba.

She wrote: “These are some hot witches no??”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet/Instagram


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  1. Marie

    Skyler is so unbelievably gorgeous, I cannot wait to see what his little brother or sister looks like

  2. Heather

    He is just beautiful! And he looks sweet and happy too.

  3. Anonymous

    He’s pretty because he looks like a girl.

  4. Joey

    Why is Anonymous mean? He/She called him pretty.

    • Veronica

      “He’s pretty because he looks like a girl”. In my opinion, he’s pretty anyways. She/he said that Skyler is pretty because he looks like a girl. Anon implied that if he looked like a boy he’d be ugly.

      That’s mean.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if it’s mean, but it certainly is dumb. He’s beautiful because he’s beautiful… not because he’s masculine *or* feminine. He’s just beautiful.

      • A. Smyth

        I disagree that they were implying that if he looked like a boy he’d be ugly, and I think it’s a little foolish to say that. He complimented the poor fashioned-up kid, so everyone needs to settle down a little.

  5. chelsea

    Someone needs a haircut.

  6. Martha

    Haircut is on order!

  7. SMH

    Skyler is beautiful. But you can’t fault anyone for saying he looks like a girl. He really does and if it was a girl she’d be gorgeous but its a boy and he’s still gorgeous. I actually don’t like boys with long hair however his hair is so pretty I myself would probably have a hard time cutting it too.
    I believe they’re also jewish and I think tradition is you don’t get the childs first haircut until age 3. So perhaps that’s why it’s still long. Or maybe they like it that way. If they have a little girl I hope she looks this gorgeous!

    • offended

      I beg to differ re: your comment about “jewish traditions”. If she was that concerned about Jewish traditions, it seems a bit odd that she would denounce her Jewish heritage by dropping her last name Rosenzweig and simply calling herself Rachel Zoe. What’s wrong with Rachel Rosenzweig?

  8. SiervaMaria

    Get upset if you want but, until I saw the name, I assumed it was a little girl; a little girl with her hair pulled behind one ear in a cute little “ode to the Andrews Sister ala WWII” outfit. People have got to cease judging others about being politically correct because of honest observations. The child looks like a girl and that is not a criticism but a fact. This is getting ridiculous with all the suppositions and accusations.


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