Kim Kardashian Shares New Photos Of North West

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Kim Kardashian posted new photos of her almost 5-month-old daughter North West via Instagram on Tuesday (November 12).

In one snapshot the baby is being held by Kanye West’s good friend – Italian designer and stylist Riccardo Tisci. In another photo North is just seen smiling away.

According to US Weekly – earlier this afternoon Kim was pulled over on the Los Angeles Freeway for speeding because she was trying to avoid photographers.

In the meantime – the reality star will probably be changing her name soon. She recently told Jay Leno, “I’m probably going to have Kardashian as my middle name and then West. My daughter has the last name West, and we’re a family, so I want to definitely be West.”

She also shared, “She’s the sweetest little girl. She never cries. She’s a perfect little angel. I hope she grows up to be smart and opinionated like her dad.”

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • klutzy_girl

    I love that everyone always refers to this (very adorable) baby by her full name.

    • SMH

      lol that’s so true. You never hear headlines like Gwen Stefani steps out with Zuma Rossdale or Jennifer Garner has a playdate with her daughter Violet Affleck!!

      Cute baby!! She is a nice mix of the two.

      • anon.

        It sounds incomplete without the last name added on.

  • Jessica

    I’m indifferent about Kim and I can’t stand Kanye one iota. Still, I have to say, this baby is beautiful! Gorgeous combination of both of them.

    • Alex.

      Right there with you. She’s gorgeous, but I don’t really care about her parents.

  • Lauren

    Hate Kim Kardashian… BUT… she has one beautiful baby girl! Unfortunately she will probably end up just like the kardashian/jenner girls and think shes not good enough unless she sexes herself up. Thought Kendall and Kylie would be different but they are turning out just like their older sisters. :/ sad.

    • Anonymous

      Hate? Really? That’s a strong word.

  • Kristina

    Wow, what a beauty! :)

  • Tee

    I wondered how long the “No pictures of Nori” was going to last. Cute Baby though.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful? I see just an average looking baby.

  • Marie

    She is absolutely beautiful! Her daddy may be an ass, but he was a very cute little kid and it seems North has alot of both her parents, she is just gorgeous!

  • Joey

    She’s cute, I don’t know about absolutely beautiful or gorgeous. Just my opinion.

  • Toya

    North is such a doll!! And the picture of Riccardo holding her is like I’m looking at a baby Kim.. She is a splitting image of her mom.

  • Danielle

    Beautiful little girl!! Somehow I can see some of Mason and Penelope in her, especially the second photo.

  • joseyMartins

    d baby is so cute just like d mum too,our bundle of joy i just like d kardashian n jenner world so lovely.

  • Gemi

    She is adorable, looks just like mom. Don’t see Kanye (and hopefully won’t get any of his personality either).

    She does look like her cousins a bit….

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