Lily Allen Reflects On Pregnancy Loss

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Lily Allen knows firsthand what the pain of pregnancy loss feels like. Three years after contracting a viral infection that caused her to lose her son at six months along, the singer is reflecting on that dark time.

“I couldn’t get my head round how people could be so horrible,” the 28-year-old singer told The Guardian without going into specifics about what was said. “But I learned pretty quickly that I was very vulnerable, and this [the internet] wasn’t the place to spend my time. I still think about it 25 times a day.”

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  • Lou

    Lily has taken so much slating from so many people for so long, i don’t know how she does it. i know she’s had her moments (referring to her twitter spats and being quite outspoken) but haven’t we all? The only difference is that hers are on the internet for everyone to see.
    I’ve always been a fan and have seen her live a few times. She comes across to me as very down to earth and likeable, and when she lost her son i was so upset for her, especially after her having lost one baby already.

    There’s an interview in a documentary she made a few years ago and hearing her talk about it broke my heart…how people can be horrible about that is beyond words for me.
    I know one of the things she spoke about in that interview was how upsetting she found it when the press referred to her loss as a miscarriage, when she was heavily pregnant and he was stillborn – I’ll always have a lot of respect for the way she dealt with the aftermath, despite how much it must have hurt her at the time.

    There are always going to be people who don’t like her and that’s fair enough, but i actually like her attitude, and how she deals with things. I’m not surprised that she still thinks about it, no amount of time will heal certain wounds, and some of the things that were said at the time and after were horrendous.

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