Mario Lopez Introduces Son Dominic


Meet Dominic “Nico” Lopez.

During a Friday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Saved by the Bell alum Mario Lopez introduced his 10-week-old son Dominic. Bringing little Nico, as the couple call their son, out onto the stage alongside his wife Courtney and their 3-year-old daughter Gia, the proud dad’s excitement was contagious as he showed off his baby boy.

“I have to do the official, like The Lion King,’” Lopez joked.

Keeping up with family tradition, the Extra and X Factor host, 40, said the whole family was in town for Nico’s September 9th birth.

“I had my sister and her four kids, my mom, [Courtney’s] mom, my dad and my 90-year-old grandmother … I like the chaos and everybody at the house,” he said.

“We didn’t know what we were having, we waited to find out,” he added. “Once the baby’s here, people come and they sip on whatever they want to sip on and they see the baby. A sip and see is a party and the baby is the focus — a much cooler deal than a baby shower.”

As for big sister Gia, it sounds like she’s warming up to the new addition to the family.

“Initially she had an attitude, like, ‘How long is this kid going to stick around?’ She even said one time in the car, ‘Daddy, is Dominic going to be there when we get home?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, he’s gonna be there. You better get used to him,’” Lopez said. “But now she’s very protective, and it’s like, ‘You better be careful with my baby. Isn’t he cute?’”

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  • Someone

    His wife is pretty but has had waaaay too much work done. I just don’t get it when these young pretty women get all kinds of things done to their face. It never looks right!

    • Guest

      Well everyone knows Courtney has already had Lipo & Breast Augmentation.

      • Guest

        All that tanning has caught up to you Courtney. You look older than Mario.

  • marie

    Such beautiful children. Gia is gorgeous but she looks like she is a handful! Love this family.

  • Guest

    They both will do ANYTHING for the spotlight. Can’t stand either one of them, and they deserve each other.

  • carol flenke

    First Glimpse Mario Lopez Introduces Son Dominic Is Cute And Is Handsome Like is Father. Love Carol Flenke

  • Guest

    Too bad Courtney has such an ugly personality.

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