Tom Arnold & His Jubilant Jax

Tom Arnold & Family Out For A Walk On The Beach In Maui

Tom Arnold and his wife Ashley Groussman brought Jax out for a walk on the beach in Maui, Hawaii on Saturday (December 28).

Whatever the actor was doing and saying – the 8-month-old looked happy and laughed.

Back in the spring – Arnold explained how they came up with the name Jax Copeland.

He said, “My dad’s name is Jack and I wanted to honor him, but not too much. I am a fan of and worked on Sons of Anarchy and my favorite character’s name is Jax. We just thought it was a cool name. Of course I called Kurt Sutter, the show creator, to get his blessing.”

He continued, “I’m best friends with Dax Shepard so that was also in the back of my head, too. We almost named him Jaxson, but the night before the birth I found out one of my brothers had named his mangy dog Jaxson. Obviously that made a change absolutely necessary! His middle name is Copeland because that was my grandma Dottie’s maiden name and she was a good lady.”

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  1. SiervaMaria

    I first glance thought that was Elvis Costello before reading the header. Tom has lost serious weight! Cutie pie boo too!

  2. Anonymous

    Why does that kid have big chunks of skin under his eyes?

  3. Sue

    What a precious baby!

  4. NYCMommy

    I love a happy baby. :)

  5. Lynn Baldwin

    Love her JoNerZ art trucker hat!!! He’s a local artist there in Maui


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