Charlize Theron & Sean Penn: Groceries With Jackson

Semi-Exclusive... Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Arrive At Whole Foods With Henry

Hot new Hollywood couple, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn, were spotted with her son Jackson, 1, on Wednesday (January 22). The trio were seen stocking up on groceries at Whole Foods in West Hollywood, Calif.

Piers Morgan recently confirmed Sean and Charlize’s hot new romance. “I walked over to Sean’s table, where he was sitting with his new girlfriend Charlize Theron,” Morgan wrote in a blog post for The Daily Mail after the actor’s Help Haiti Home gala on January 11.

“’I’m so glad you two have got together,’ I said, ‘Sean’s a great guy,’” he said to the actress. “’I know,’ she smiled, putting her hand round his shoulder,” Morgan wrote.

He continued: “At 2 a.m., Sean came over and bear-hugged me. ’Congrats on a great night,’ I said. ‘And congrats on Charlize too.’”

And the actor quickly responded, “She’s a keeper, that’s for sure.”

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  • eliz1

    he is repulsive- inside and out.. i dont get the allure with him. he’s short and ugly not to mention has a temper that is worse than even the ranks of alec baldwin! how he gets all these beauties is beyond me. run Charlize!

    • Anonymous

      ^ This and Charlize is known for being a piece of work herself very nasty attitude so I can kind of the the attraction.

      But what is surprising that she would let Penn around her son knowing he has a history of domestic violence and that she grow up with a father that was very abusive towards her mother.

      • Ella

        How exactly is Theron ‘a piece of work’? She’s one of the nicest celebs out there. Just because she’s with Penn doesn’t mean they are similar in personality. I think Penn gives off some psycho vibes, yes, but I love him as an actor. And some women are into that kind of guy, the destructive kind. He’s not that bad looking for his age either. Ya’ll are just rude. They’ll break up sooner or later anyway.

        • Anonymous

          Actually she not she has a reputation of being very nasty and a dive on set for years and I never said it was because of Penn.

          As for Penn when he was married to Madonna he tied her to a chair and beat her, so sorry if that make him even more ugly in my eyes.

          • Ella

            Oh that’s right! I always forget the Madonna thing.

        • SiervaMaria

          Ella, ITA.

      • SiervaMaria

        And how is Charlize “known for being a piece of work herself?” I really despise _hit statements like that as if it’s in the affirmative when we know it’s simply something read once somewhere. Guess what? I’ve heard the opposite! I’ve heard she’s very real; FOR real and a strong woman who holds her own. Oh yeah, I forget that means she must be hell on high heels. My gawd I have NEVER seen so many dmn judgmental WOMEN as I have found on this site through the years. Must be amazing to live such perfect lives in your stone proof plexiglass houses. It must be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I agree. They don’t go together at all. He hasn’t aged gracefully either. He looks very old and used looking.

  • cb

    he is creepy looking and does not have a good reputation. i thought she was classier than to hang with trash.
    maybe she is desperate – hasnt been linked with anyone since she and fiance broke up.

    • Ella

      She was linked to Alexander Skarsgard and Seth MacFarlane last year so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • qoq

        I don’t think those rumors were true. At least I hope they’re not. I don’t like Seth very much. Then again, I don’t like violet Penn either.

    • @cd

      I don’t know about classie she good friends with chelsea handler who had made racist about children and is dating a person who has a history of domestic violence. That says a lot about the type of person she really is.

    • @cd

      I don’t know about classie she is good friends with chelsea handler who makes racist comments about kids.

  • SMH

    Jackson is 2. She tweeted recently about his bday!

    • qoq

      Wow, she’s on Twitter? I had no idea! Jackson is a cutie. I’m so proud of her for adopting. I don’t think she had much of a choice, though.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t think she had much of a choice? What an odd thing to say……

        • qoq

          Well, think about it… she’ll be 39 this year and was in a relationship with her ex-fiancee for, like, a decade. I think her relationship with Penn is sadly/maybe/possibly her first serious one since that breakup. I’m just sayin’ maybe she couldn’t/can’t have a biological baby of her own and got tired of waiting for the right spouse/time. She did a great thing by adopting a baby in need of a good home.

          But, and this is one big BUT… I hope she knows what she’s doing and, um, *watches* Penn around the kid… cause, you know, his history of violence and all… and he’s kinda racist. Ugh, she has horrible taste in men.

  • Gemi

    Ew. What is with these odd couplings?

  • Roxan

    @ Ella. She’s trash. Plain and simple. Feel bad for her child. I don’t get why white people haveto make a statement by adopting black kids. Nothing towards the child but really, just because she’s from “Africa” and great friends with Oprah she hasto now adopt a black child. Give it up people. Yah yeah, we are ALL tired of the race card thingy now, seriously. We have a black president for Pete’s sake. Turn the page people, tired of hearing about it.

    • Scooter

      She’s from South Africa, you moron. Just because you wouldn’t adopt a black baby doesn’t mean someone else needs a motive to do it. If you knew anything about the adoption system maybe you’d understand why.

    • Scooter

      I feel bad for YOUR child! They’re the one to feel sorry for. Talk about trash.

  • Roxan

    @scooter. Oh shut up you idiot. We know she’s from South Africa you douche bag.

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