Halle Berry’s On Set Visit


Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry, 47,  gets a visit from 7-month-old Maceo on the set of her upcoming show Extant Wednesday (May 7).

Berry plays astronaut Molly Watts in the sci-fi drama. A woman struggling to reconnect with her scientist husband John (Goran Visnjic) after spending a year in space in a solo mission.

The mom-of-two was excited to do the series, telling PEOPLE

“It is like the new golden age of television,” she said. “As a woman, when I read this, it was such a strong character. I always gravitate toward strong, complicated woman characters. When I heard Steven Spielberg is a part of it, I thought, wow, that is another big reason to be a part of it.”

Extant premieres July 9 on CBS.

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  1. Alicia_Spain

    What a cutie!!! he has his daddy eyes!

  2. Anonymous

    How can you tell if his eyes are closed?

  3. sheidamrt

    the shape of his eyebrows is like his dad he probably looks like him

  4. Anonymous

    The shape of someone’s eyebrows make them look like their father???? SMH

  5. Alicia_Spain

    Yes, i can image the shape of his eyes, they’re not round, this a characteristic of Olivier eyes

  6. Jennifer

    Ahh so sweet!! Look at him dreaming away sucking on his pacifier with his little toes hanging out of the stroller.

  7. Jane

    handsome baby!

  8. shelbethegreat

    What an adorable baby, looks like his handsome father.

  9. Baby looks like he have a black father.


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