Kim Kardashian & Nori: Shopping In Paris

Kim Kardashian teaches North how to shop **USA ONLY**

Reality star Kim Kardashian and her 11-month-old daughter North West joined Kim’s sister – Kourtney Kardashian for a little retail therapy-photo op this morning in Paris, France.

Nori looked as precious as ever, wearing a black dress with matching stockings.

Kardashian, 33, is just days away from her wedding to Kanye West.

It is reported that songstress Lana del Rey will perform her song “Beautiful” at the wedding.

“Kanye knew how much Kim loved Lana’s music, which is why he tried to get her to perform at the proposal. So he upped the offer at the wedding and told Lana that it’s his and Kim’s special song and it would mean so much to have her perform it. She couldn’t say no.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Ly

    Why is she wearing her clothes so tight? She has a pretty face but always look so ridiculous.

  2. annoymous

    nori is so precious

  3. Yakasuri

    She is very precious. unfortunately she don’t know what is going on. Especially when the cameras are on her face like that!!!!
    But I don’t blame sweet Nori.

  4. Booka

    The baby is feeling a little unsure with all the paparazzi yelling at her. She is cute.

  5. Hanna

    She looks like Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla. Very cute.

  6. christine

    The baby is cute.

    But the way Kim is holding her is so awkward. It’s like she is trying to angle the kid perfectly so that the paps get a clear shot of North’s outfit as well as her own. Or like she’s afraid of getting baby drool on her own shirt. Or maybe she just doesn’t spend very time carrying her baby around and therefore feels a little uncertain. It just does not look like a natural mother-baby sort of moment.

  7. heather

    Awe she is adorable. I’m sure Kim knows how to hold her baby just fine. I cannot imagine what that scene is like with the paps screaming, all calling the baby in different directions and the flashing lights. It’s total chaos. Of course she might look stiff, she’s probably holding on tight. The baby is probably moving around a lot and very scared. A lot of times when babies are scared like that they arch back or almost try to wriggle out forwards.

  8. Ana

    Christin, Heather- I suggest you watch the video. You’ll see there were no screaming and pushing and calling. the paps were very quiet. Nori is not scared. She is sleepy cause she was sleeping in the car and just woke up. You can also see why Kim holds her in this way.

    • NYCMommy

      Ana, thanks for info. I am unable to watch video at work so I would love to know reason why she holds her own child so ackwardly. :)

      • Ana

        more less Nori turns herself to see what’s happening behind her and Kim supports her. Also Kim wears high heels so she walks slow and kind of weird.
        I think Nori is in age when kids are just very curious, stronger, more mobile and turns around. Sometimes they even push with their hands your breast to turn more and they dont understand they can fall. Everybody who could hold baby in this age knows how difficult it can be.

  9. Jane

    Beautiful baby! Too bad her parents are idiots!

  10. Anonymous

    Where do you see a beautiful baby? She’s average at best. Starting to look more and more like her ugly father every day.

  11. Anonymous

    Considering that Nori is a type of seaweed, I find that calling her that sounds just as ridiculous as calling her North.

  12. lynnie

    These photos give the impression that Kim isn’t comfortable or confident holding her own child. Poor kid.

  13. Jane

    That baby is not very cute. She really looks like her dad and that is NOT a good thing!

  14. Granny

    My daughter came in tonight holding her second child (15 months) old the same way. Sometimes you just have an awkward grip. Baby turning, Mama distracted, etc. Nothing worth reading anything into.

  15. Anonymous

    Why does everyone think she’s cute? Because she’s Kim’s kid or because she’s bi-racial? There is nothing cute about her. Get your eyes checked.

  16. cb

    i dont think kim is quite the hands on mom like kourtney is.
    she looks awkward and unsure. like its a photo op ??

    • Isabel

      Based on the photos that Kim releases of North, I agree. Everything looks incredibly staged. I can’t stand the family but I have no problem acknowledging that Kourtney seems like a good, hands-on mother. You’ll never see a photo of Kim in sweatpants running to the grocery store with North in tow like you do with her sister.

  17. Marie

    Nori is a very beautiful little girl, cannot wait to see how she grows, she is really pretty.


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