Guess Who?

Any idea who this cute little guy is?

Hint: Both mom and dad are actors and met on the set of their first and only movie together.

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  • Adrienne

    Anna Faris’ son Jack

  • Hather

    Anna Faris’s baby??

  • B

    Jack Pratt

  • Didi

    Jack pratt!such a cute little guy!k

  • mommaruthsays

    I was going to say Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy’s baby??

  • Evie

    Can’t be Jack Pratt because Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have been in 2 movies together. Maybe Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy’s baby?

  • Erin

    it is Jack Pratt! Ive seen him in his cute lil glasses in other pictures!! What a cutie!! :)

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