Cindy Crawford’s Mini-Mes



Supermodel mom – Cindy Crawford shared a photo of her son Presley, 15, and daughter Kaia, 13, via Instagram on Friday (June 6).

“Just hangin out with @kaiajordan and @presley_gerber,” Crawford, 48, captioned the pic.

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  • SiervaMaria

    Wow! Her daughter looks EXACTLY like her! I see Randi Gerber in her son but not so much in Kaia. Beautiful kids.

  • Anabelle

    They look like pretentious little beasts. And I can’t stand anyone who wears fur! I bet those kids are unbearable to be around.

    • Laura

      Totally agree!

    • Dionne

      wow, only a idiot would immediately judge a person just by their looks alone. A lot of miserable, ugly hearted people in this world. Sheeze.

  • Lizzie

    Their looks are intimidating 😛

    • Anonymous


  • Babs

    Wtf wearing fur?! No doubt they’re good looking but this is ridiculous.

  • Christie


  • Jax

    Her son is STUNNING.

  • monique

    They look like spoiled brats.

  • makemyday

    Notice that a lot of supemodels’ son turn out to be um … little flamboyant!

    • LaKesha

      So…? Your point is?

  • Laurie

    They’re gorgeous!!
    Kaia is both a copy of her mom and actress Rachel Bilson! Unbelievable!!

  • SiervaMaria

    How do ANY of you know it’s actual fur?! And deciding that they’re……..beasts, brats and flamboyant……..simply because of who they are AND, a pose in a photo is says more about the accusers characters than anything. Judgments based on assumption is not any different from what they did in Jamestown when they burned “alleged” witches at the stake.

    • Dionne

      Perfectly explained.

  • Joey

    2 good looking kids and 2 decent kids because I haven’t read anything bad about them but confused about all the negativity. Who cares if they’re wearing fur. You never posed for a silly picture before? Lighten up people, geez.

  • D

    Presley looks like his mum, he also looks like he borrowed her clothes. Oh and he’s swearing.. classy
    The girls pretty but yeh i can see why people might say they look bratty as its a bit poserish. Reminds me of the Smith siblings.

    • me

      What are you talking about swearing?

      • D

        2 fingers up facing that way is basically the F*** you sign!

  • nona


  • Jane

    They are stunning kids. Some of you sound so jealous!

    • Kinky

      You are absolutely right Jane. Just because they know these children are physically stunning, they have to bring them down somehow so they assume they are pretentious beasts/brats. These children could be absolutely the nicest people on earth, its unfortunate people couldn’t just say something nice or nothing at all. To all the negative comments people are posting, unless you know them personally, it does show you have some major insecurity issues that you personally need to deal with. Their beauty should never intimidate you or make you feel threatened, especially since they are 15 and 13, you are adults…LOL

  • stacey

    Girl is very cute!!!!! Boy, he looks exactly like his dad.

  • lilly

    My God, they’re gorgeous!!!

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