Celebrity Moms Join Latest Trend: Breastfeeding Selfies

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Our spinoff, HerScoop, is taking a look at the latest mommy trend: breastfeeding selfies.

From everyday moms, to celebrities like Jaime KingNatalia Vodianova, Miranda Kerr and Julie Bowen, sharing shots of nursing newborns has become the trending photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Head over to HerScoop and see who’s joining in on the craze. And cast your vote: yay or nay to breastfeeding selfies?

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • grace

    I thought a selfie was photo you took of yourself. Maybe she’s using her foot to hold the phone/camera?

    • Anabelle

      haha. I was about to say the same thing!

  • Anabelle

    What’s annoying though is that is most of the celeb breastfeeding pics they are obviously just after the attention and controversy.
    When normal people do it they are “sluts” and “disgusting”. I wish there was a happy medium where breast feeding in public is just a nice, normal thing to do!

  • Lana

    Natasha is just gorgeous and she is doing a lot of fundraising for children with various deceases.

  • Julie

    I’m all for breastfeeding but how’s the kid going to like this photo when they are grown up? They’ll vomit!

    • Veronica

      THAT’S the exact reason why brestfeeding should be normalized. Breasts are NOT sex organs.

    • Didi

      Are you serious?!this is ridiculous

    • LA2222

      Why would he be disgust… pretty sure he will be proud to have such a beautiful mom!

  • Lizzie

    I was positive that was Denise Riachrds in that photo. Who is it?

    • Anabelle

      lol. I thought it was Milla Jovovich when I first saw it! But no, it’s Natalia Vodianova.

  • BB

    I think its a positive thing for breast feeding, provided its not done purely for “attention” and also not in a sexualised way with “sexy” come hither looks on their faces LOL !

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