Melissa McCarthy Calls Out Hollywood’s Double Standard


Our spinoff, HerScoop, is taking a look at Melissa McCarthy‘s recent interview.

After recently being labelled “America’s plus-size sweetheart,” the mom-of-two calls BS.

“It’s like I’m managing to achieve all this success in spite of my affliction,” she tells PEOPLE. “Would you ever put that in the headline for a male star?”

“I’ve never felt like I needed to change,” the Bridesmaids actress, 43, adds.

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Photo credit: PEOPLE


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  1. Tiffany

    People love to comment about her weight. Could she stand to lose some weight for health reasons, sure – Couldn’t we all! Bottom line is that she is a Beautiful and talented woman and actress. That’s it. Keep your judgements to yourself, IJS

    • Janna

      Well, since I don’t know anything about her personal health, I’m not even comfortable saying she “could stand to lose some weight for health reasons”.

      Realistically, though, being heavy *is* like an affliction in Hollywood. Really sickening, too.

  2. Anony

    I love her – girth and all!

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