Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Is “Soooooo Pretty”

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Proud uncle alert!

Reality star Rob Kardashian took to Twitter Thursday to share some sweet shots of his 1-year-old niece North West — and a special shoutout to his sister Kim Kardashian.

“Goodness @KimKardashian she’s soooooo pretty!!!! LOVE HERR,” Rob captioned the image.

After vanishing from social media earlier this summer, Rob has returned to Twitter in recent weeks with a noticeably positive attitude.

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  • Anonymous

    What is so “pretty” about her? She looks and is dressed exactly like a BOY. And why is Kim slicking her curly hair down to her head to try and make it look straight?

    • Anonymous

      She IS a pretty little thing. I agree that she’s not dressed very girl-like. And what’s YOUR problem with slicking her hair down?

      She has very soft curly hair. Mothers do it all the time to their boys and girls. My daughter has the very same hair type, and I slicked it, and I left if alone. It’s called grooming. There are MANY options.

      I’ll bet YOU don’t wear your hair the very same way everyday. And I don’t know you but, I’m sure your hair is sometimes straight, and sometimes curly, etc & so on.

      And she looks EXACTLY like BOTH of her parents.

    • Glostar

      She’s dressed in a nice, comfy outfit. It’s from some children’s line or other, nice cool cotton for summer. Why is Kim slicking her hair down? Because it’s what mothers do with daughters. They style their children’s hair. They put it in braids, ponytails, hair clips, curly, smooth, all sorts of things. What IS your problem? You are a strange one.

  • SMH

    Gorgeous baby. You can see Kim in her a little but overall she looks like Kanye. She should have a prettier name though then North.

  • Xxx

    Looks totally like a little boy. And looks like Kanye.

  • Sanna

    North is beautiful! Who cares how Kim dresses her? She is still a beautiful girl. I bet that the people behind the negative comments are from the country… Just saying.

    • Janet

      people that leave negative comments are from the country?…. Sanna… you are a dumb-ass !!!

  • katherine long

    daddy’s girl for sure

  • Anony

    I have daughters and never slicked their hair down. Kim is trying to hide the kinky hair. And if you think that is beautiful, you need your eyes examined.

    • Cricket

      That baby girl’s hair is FAR from kinky. She has soft curly hair. Some kids’ hair is unable to be slicked down. I did this to my son’s hair for pictures. I did it when it was wet and without products.

    • Looolooo

      Looks like somebody is trying to get something started along racial lines.

      Well it aint gonna work. Her hair is not kinky. And even if it was, it would be just as beautiful, with the ONLY exception being that with kinky hair, she’d have WAY more styling options and versatility….. which is AWSOME. Oh well, lil Miss Nori will just have to make due with what GOD blessed her with.

    • Glostar

      Anony: What a ridiculous comment. Mothers style their daughters’ hair in different ways. You’re trying to make something out of absolutely nothing but everyone can see what a nut you are.

  • pooper

    just beautiful :)

  • pooper

    i was always trying to curl my babies hair up…….we are all bad mothers 😛

  • Jax

    I don’t think she’s beautiful either. Channing Tatum’s daughter or Halle Berry’s daughter are beautiful. North? Not so much.

  • anon

    She looks like her father. It is hard for me to see any beauty in her for that reason.

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