Nancy O’Dell: Summer Camps Are “A Wonderful Experience”

Nancy O'Dell for Evine

Emmy Award winning co-host of Entertainment Tonight and published author, Nancy O’Dell, is set to premiere an exclusive fashion line during EVINE Live’s September 12th Fashion Day event. Known for her fashion sense and style, Nancy has developed a sophisticated woman’s sportswear collection inspired by her personal wardrobe.

Nancy opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her memories of attending summer camp as a child, the importance of using Mabel’s Labels for a successful camp experience, and her upcoming summer vacation plans with husband Keith Zubchevich and their 8-year-old daughter Ashby.

CBS: Did you attend summer camp as a kid? If so, please tell us about your experiences.

NO: “I attended a few summer camps when I was a kid. I went to cheerleading camp for many years, basketball camp, and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp. My experiences were nice ones. I think camp helped me to feel more confident in life. I started going to cheerleading camp when I was young.

I was so very close to my mom so I remember being terrified about being away from her, but the camp actually gave me self-esteem. It made me realize I was growing up and gave me confidence to do things on my own. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp had the most profound impact on my life because it is where I accepted Jesus Christ. To be able to do that amongst a group of peers, who were similar in thought and in faith, was a wonderful experience.”

CBS: Do you think summer camps are important for kids? Please elaborate.

NO: “I think summer camps can be very beneficial to kids for many reasons. Camps certainly offer kids the chance to feel as if they belong. They give the kids a sense of common purpose by joining a community and everyone has to cooperate and respect each other. Staying in close quarters means the kids learn how to communicate better.

Usually, camps mean physical activity like swimming, running, hiking, which also means time away from the technology. And camp is where children can make some life-long friends, away from their regular classmates. The amount of activities kids have to do at camp means they have plenty of opportunity to develop friends who have common interests.”

CBS: What are some of your tips in getting the kids organized for their camps?

NO: “My biggest tip is to label, label, label everything. That’s the easiest way to keep them organized at camp and for things to actually come back home with your child. I love Mabel’s Labels, as you can get a variety of adorable personalized labels — ones which stick to the clothes’ tags, even throughout the whole washing and drying cycle.”

CBS: Do you have any vacation/travel plans this summer?

NO: “The Hawaiian islands are always our choice when it comes to a favorite summer destination. My family and I go pretty much every year as a family trip. There is just something so magical about Hawaii. I love the minute we get off the plane and I smell that distinctive paradise smell. It’s one of my favorite places because it is so simple to plan for and we have never failed to have an amazing time.

My daughter is a big fan of simply exploring around the beach, looking for seashells and sea creatures. I’m also an avid runner and there is always great scenery to look at on my daily run, so it makes staying healthy a breeze. Everything is just so peaceful and relaxing. Also, it’s an easy non-stop flight from Los Angeles. We can leave L.A. in the morning, and by afternoon, we can be splashing around the beach.”

CBS: Do you have a favorite summer recipe to share?

NO: “This is a smoothie recipe my daughter and I came up with for kids to get them some fruits and vegetables all while sneaking in ‘super foods’ spinach and avocado.

Throw in a blender:
1 whole very ripe banana (so it is sweet)
7 to 10 strawberries depending on how big they are
1/2 cup of orange juice
1/3 of an individual packet of Stevia, which is a 100% natural sweetener
1 handful of spinach
1/2 avocado
Blend on puree setting to get spinach super blended. Then add: 10 ice cubes (do ice cubes last as Spinach doesn’t get blended as well if you add ice cubes in at the beginning).

Smoothie will stay a slight pink color, even after the Spinach and avocado. The avocado gives it a creamy texture. The smoothie tastes delicious like a fruit smoothie, even with the spinach and avocado added in.

NOTE: add a little water if need to get the correct thickness and add a little more stevia if you or your kids likes smoothies even sweeter.”


For more great summer camp tips, check out Mabel’s Labels co-founder Julie Cole’s free ebook, Mama of Many’s Guide to Camp!


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  • Reggie

    You’ve got to be careful with summer camps.When I was 11 I tripped and hurt my arm at summer camp and asked to call my mom. When I told her what happened over the phone and asked her to pick me up, the phone was taken from me and the nurse convinced her I was homesick and overreacting. I was made to finish the last week there with my arm in a sling and some Tylenol. It was boring. I could not do anything and I was in serious pain. The same day I got home my mom was surprised to find I was still in pain and how bad my arm looked. At the doctor’s office they discovered I had fractured my arm.

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