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See North West’s Designer Duds

From our friends at PopSugarMoms! It’s been a good week for North West (and her wardrobe). While the 3-month-old may be missing her mom and dad while they’re off at Paris Fashion Week, she’s received some seriously high-fashion gifts from … »» Read the article

Gellar and family go to the zoo

Sarah Michelle Gellar: It’s Amazing To Watch My Husband and Our Daughter

After saving the world from demons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and playing twin sisters on Ringer, Sarah Michelle Gellar is giving TV comedy a try. On The Crazy Ones—premiering Sept. 26 at 9/8c on CBS—she’ll play an ad agency … »» Read the article


Alanis Morissette Describes Childbirth: ‘Beyond Pain’

From our friends at! It’s been almost two years since singer Alanis Morissette welcomed her son Ever, but the memory of her drug-free home birth hasn’t faded just yet. “The experience was beyond pain,” she tells “It was … »» Read the article


7 Secrets to Avoid Being an Overscheduled Mom #StressSweat

From our friends at! Alarm clock, shower, sleepy kids, breakfast, commute, school, work, doctor’s appointment, the big work meeting, parent-teacher conference, that guilty feeling because the tooth fairy forgot to show up, after school activities, karate, yoga, dinner, dishes, … »» Read the article

Start saying Mama once in a while and maybe I’ll be a little nicer to you!

Top 10 Most Absurd Things I’ve Said to My Kid

From our friends at! Remember before you had kids, and you’d hear some frazzled mom say something absolutely absurd to her children? Yeah, I’m that mom. Ever since I had a baby, I’ve been amused, shocked and dismayed at … »» Read the article


Celebrity Families Visit Disney Parks!

From our friends at Pop Sugar Moms! Summer fun has begun as thrill-seekers head to amusement parks for rides and games now that school’s out. Recently, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen took their boys to visit the Happiest Place on … »» Read the article


Jaime King’s Bikini Bump Photo Reveals Tiny Tattoo

From our friends at! Jaime King’s bikini bump photo is a black and white shot of beauty. Notice anything about Jaime King’s pregnant belly other than its round and glorious shape? That tiny bit of ink caught my eye. … »» Read the article


Breastfeeding a Baby with Special Needs

From our friends at! I gave birth to two children, and I have two very different stories to tell about breastfeeding. Both of my kids have Down syndrome, but their diagnosis doesn’t make them the same. In fact, since … »» Read the article


24 Celebrities Who’ve Given Birth After Turning 40

From our friends at PopSugar Moms! by Rebecca Gruber. We caught a glimpse of Halle Berry’s growing bump this week, and it reminded us just how fabulous she looks rocking a baby bump at 46 years old. The expectant mama … »» Read the article


What’s In a Name? Kate & Will Missed Something!

While I’m sending major props to Kate Middleton and Prince William for releasing their newborn son’s name in just two days (in comparison to previous royals and their exhausting wait times), I’m not quite sure his Royal Highness Prince George … »» Read the article


Naomi Watts Wants a Guarantee For Baby No. 3

From our friends at! Naomi Watts would love to have a third child if she could guarantee it’d be a girl. The actress, who is raising two sons with longtime partner Liev Schreiber, can’t help but imagine what’d be … »» Read the article


Women Around the World Celebrate Breastfeeding Week in Public

From our friends at! Are you a breastfeeding mom, or the friend, spouse, relative or partner of a breastfeeding mom? If so, get out and celebrate with The Big Latch On; an event in which mothers around the world … »» Read the article


Have Josh & Fergie Duhamel Announced a Baby Name?

From our friends at! Josh Duhamel played coy this week after revealing that he and wife Fergie are expecting a baby boy at the end of summer. While Fergie officially changed her name from Stacy Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel … »» Read the article


12 Celeb Families Where Little Boys Abound

From our friends at PopSugar Moms! by Rebecca Gruber. Are some moms destined to be mothers to boys? We don’t know much about destiny, but while geneticists tell us that you have a 50/50 shot of having a boy or … »» Read the article


Lisa Kudrow’s Kid Cops An Attitude, and She Loves It

From our friends at! Lisa Kudrow‘s son Julian is 15 years old — and totally acts like it. While this may not seem unusual, the part that took her by surprise was that the change in attitude seems to … »» Read the article


10 Clues You’re in the Terrible Twos

From our friends at! Sure, you thought they were a myth, or a surefire sign of bad parenting. The Terrible Twos? Hah. That will never happen to my little angel. But nearly every toddler enters the phase, which can … »» Read the article


Top Contender Names for The Royal Baby!

While we wait for the baby to arrive, here are the top contenders for the lil one’s name. The royal baby’s rumored due date came and went this past weekend without any news from the palace. So when will the … »» Read the article

Jessica Alba and Family celebrate Honor's Graduation

12 Celeb Families Where Little Girls Rule the Roost

From our friends at PopSugar Moms! by Rebecca Gruber. You have a 50/50 shot of having a boy or girl when you conceive, but some families appear to be genetically predisposed to the X chromosome, welcoming girls each time they’re … »» Read the article


If you were Kate Middleton…

From our friends at! All of a sudden, I’m excited about Kate Middleton’s baby. I remember this feeling from when she was about to marry Prince William. In the months leading up to the big day I barely followed … »» Read the article


How to Handle Weight Talk with Your Kids

From our friends at! A shopping trip has your son asking you questions about his size. Your recent health journey has people asking about your weight loss in front of your daughter. Your mom talks about your kids’ bodies—to … »» Read the article

London Olympic Games - Day 9

Wimbledon Champions Talk Parenting

From our friends at! Wimbledon — the iconic tennis tournament — finished the 2013 season in fine British form. Hometown favorite, Andy Murray, won the men’s singles division in a heart-stopping final match, making him the first British man … »» Read the article


Baby-Wearing Celebrity Dads

From our friends at PopSugar Moms! by Rebecca Gruber. Is there anything more precious than the sight of a dad wearing his baby on him? We thought we’d seen it all, until Channing Tatum arrived at LAX with 5-week-old Everly … »» Read the article


Matt Damon Pities Fellow Dad Brad Pitt

From our friends at! Matt Damon counts marrying a “civilian” among one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Sharing his experience with the double-edged sword known as fame, the actor and father of four girls recently opened up … »» Read the article


How To Keep the Kids Entertained On Road Trips

From our friends at! My family and I take a lot of road trips, but we don’t dread being stuck in a car together for hours and hours. We actually love road trips because we are very well organized, … »» Read the article


Can You Really Have It All?

From our friends at! I’m about to say something that many people never get to say in their lifetimes: I love my job. Well, I did love my job. There was a time I couldn’t imagine leaving. I was … »» Read the article