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Russell Crowe & Charles

Russell and son Charles, soon to be 3, enjoyed some time together between takes of Russell’s up and coming film, A Good Year in Rome. Source

Rachel Weisz & Baby Henry

Rachel Weisz and son Henry Chance, 4 months take a break between scenes on set of the film "Definitely, Maybe". Check out his Great Britain soft soled shoes! Source

Lola’s Baby Steps

Proud mom Denise Richards watches daughter Lola, 1 practice her newest milestone. Source

Maternity Fashion “DON’T”

Tori, what are you thinking even spending money on something that hideous?  You look like a big puffy paisley, girl-woman. Source

Heidi Looking Great

Heidi looks awesome for being due at any time. She is carrying son Henry, 1, in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. Source

Denise Picks up Sam from School

Denise Richards picks up daughter Sam from school on 10/11/06.  Source

How Embarrassing

How embarrassing are these pictures?  Imagine poor 11 year old Connor dealing with all eyes on his hyper-couch surfing dad.  Apparently Tom was sitting in the bleachers engaged in his Blackberry when he noticed Connor’s team wasn’t doing well.  He  … »» Read the article

Sandra Bullock Bump Watch

What do you think? Is Sandra pregnant, putting on weight, or is it just a bad camera angle? Source

Madonna IS Adopting a Baby Boy tells us that indeed Madonna is adopting a baby boy. Liz Rosenberg tells Life & Style magazine that the Material Mom and pop icon may indeed be adding another baby to her family. "I have not been given official … »» Read the article

Britney Wants Annie Leibovitz to Photograph Sutton

When the whole world will be gawking at your baby you want the pictures to come out good.  According to SFGate, Britney has asked Annie Leibovitz to photograph her new baby, Sutton Pierce. Spears gave birth to her second child … »» Read the article

Katie & Victoria Talk Baby Talk

We all know that Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham were spotted all over Paris together for the city’s fashion week last week. According to Britain’s Daily Star, soon-to-be Mrs. Cruise and Posh Spice have bonded over their desire for a … »» Read the article

Baby Trump

Melania Knauss holds 6-month-old son Barron Trump, in Central Park on Monday. Source

Harrison, Calista, and Liam

Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and Calista’s son Liam enjoy ice cream in L.A. Source

Travis Barker – Party Dad!

Travis Barker gave his 3 year old son Landon a Spider Man party this weekend at the Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica.  Do you think the mohawk is inspired by Maddox Jolie-Pitt? Source

Kate Takes Ryder to the ER

Kate is pictured taking Ryder to UCLA Hospital yesterday. She was moving fast…hope he is ok.  Will give updates as we get them. Source

Heidi Klum

o Heidi Klum and daughter Leni in L.A.  First glance I thought it was Gwenyth Paltrow and Apple! Source

Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily

Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily Mo Sheen, 7 get their nails done, and spend time together.  Beckinsale dated Welsh actor Michael Sheen(Lily’s dad) Sheen co-starred with Beckinsale in Underworld. Beckinsale and Sheen broke up, and Kate actually wound up marrying … »» Read the article

Traveling Brangelina

The happy family rode an auto-rickshaw yesterday in Pune, India. Source

Seeing Double

Jen and her stunt double are pictured on the set of "The Kingdom" in Arizona with Jen’s daughter Violet. Can you guess who is who? Source

David Beckham & Son Brooklyn


Tori Posing for Money

Page Six reports that Tori is in need of some cash: On Wednesday, the underemployed actress – who was basically left out of her father’s $500 million will when he died over the summer – flew to New York from … »» Read the article

Brad Wants His Own Soccer Team

Brad has been quoted by Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper as saying:  "I’m not joking around! I have three kids now and next year I’ll have six. Nine. We’re looking for a soccer team. I want to compete in the next … »» Read the article

Does Pam Have a Baby Bump?

What do you think?  I sure wouldn’t be wearing those heels! Source

Tori & Hubby

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are on their way to a party Wednesday night at the XChange in NYC.  You can really see she is starting to show now. Source

SJP Denies Pregnancy Rumors

Ok, here she is at "A Chorus Line" Red Carpet Arrivals in NYC 10/5/06.  She has recently denied to the New York Daily News, that she is pregnant with #2. The actress provoked gossip after she hid her tummy in … »» Read the article