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Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis  and Flea spend family time at Bondi Beach [USA ONLY]

Anthony Kiedis and Flea: Bonding At Bondi Beach

Anthony Kiedis and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers took their children Everly Bear and Sunny Bebop to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (January 17). Flea and Sunny, 7, splashed in the waves while Anthony was seen … »» Read the article
Flea Enjoys A Sunny Day

Flea Enjoys A Sunny Day

Bassist and co-founding member of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea – born Michael Balzary – was seen walking with his 6-year-old daughter Sunny Bebop in downtown New York City on Sunday (May 6). The Red Hot Chili Pepper … »» Read the article
Anthony Kiedis and Flea's Kids Have A Rockin' Play Date

Anthony Kiedis and Flea’s Kids Have A Rockin’ Play Date

Anthony Kiedis and Flea had a play date with their children in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (February 11). The Red Hot Chili Peppers front man walked on crutches and had his 4-year-old son Everly Bear with him while bassist Flea … »» Read the article
Flea & His Girls: Strollin' In NYC

Flea & His Girls: Strollin’ In NYC

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea was spotted taking a walk with his daughters Clara and Sunny in New York City’s East Village on Monday (May 9). Flea, whose real name is Michael Peter Balzary, is currently married to model … »» Read the article