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Milla Jovovich Tells Why She Named Her Daughter Ever

Milla Jovovich and her fiancé Paul Anderson, welcomed a daughter on Nov. 3, and named her Ever. Milla wrote on her blog how they came up with the unusual name: The name Ever is a scottish boy’s name, Paul has … »» Read the article

Pregnancy Notes From Milla Jovovich

Pictures from Milla:  staring with top right picture, 154 pounds (25 pound gain), 176 pounds, 197 pounds in nursery. Milla Jovovich has been keeping a journal on her website  Above is the progression of her pregnancy as she finally … »» Read the article

Milla Jovovich

5/14/07: Model/Actress/Designer Milla Jovovich, who is 4 months pregnant, poses at the Gen Art Presents the "Los Angeles Fashion Design Debut of Jovovich – Hawk" at the Stoli hotel in Hollywood. There are no plans of a wedding to fiance … »» Read the article