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Make Their Day! 10 Cutest Lunchbox Notes For Kids

Kids at school spend a lot of time away from you– which is why we love the new trend of lunchbox notes, sweet little surprise messages that you tuck in between the sandwich and apple to brighten your little one’s … »» Read the article

Helen Hunt’s Highly Unique Path To Conception

From our friends at! By Sara McGinnis. Helen Hunt is convinced an Indian guru helped her conceive daughter Makena. The actress, proud mom of the now 8-year-old, recently explained to David Letterman how spiritual master Sri Chinmoy helped her … »» Read the article


It’s On! Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Trial Date Set For May

By Lauren Metz at Mark your calendars: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries head to court May 6 to finally put their not-so-72-days marriage behind them. The date comes just a few months before Kim’s due to give birth to … »» Read the article


Celebrity Trainers Favorite Baby Weight Busters

  Did you know that a plank is your BFF to strengthening your pelvic floor after having a baby?  Not just that, but it helps you tighten up your abs and other muscles, too.  Our friends at FitPregnancy gathered up celebrity … »» Read the article


Inside Jessica Simpson’s New Mansion

By Madison Vanderberg at Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson are about to buy Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s former mansion and the place is a PALACE! We have all the details and photos on this swanky pad. The house … »» Read the article


Will Breastfeeding Help Me Lose Weight?

By BCC Tatiana Abend Feeling less than confident since you’ve gained baby weight during your pregnancy? Are you dying to shed those extra pounds, but wondering if it’s healthy for your baby? If so, help is on the way. Health … »» Read the article

New Trend: Parenthood Minus The Romance

From our friends at! By Betsy Shaw. The New York Times Style section never fails to expose, or even invent, the latest trend. This week’s feature about people “hooking up” for the sole purpose of becoming parents, romantics need … »» Read the article


Pucker Up: A List Couples Kissing

Happy Valentine’s Day! While some Hollywood couples like to keep it cool in public, other twosomes love to love up each other for all to see! Take a look at the celeb duos who just cant keep their hands off … »» Read the article


iVillage’s 2013 Married Sex Survey Results

How happy is your husband with his sex life? How happy are you? What turns him on the most about you?  iVillage asked these questions (and much racier ones) in their survey all about married sex. How does your sex life … »» Read the article


The Bump Shares 10 Things Only Parents Find Romantic

Has your definition of romance changed now that you’re a mom? You’re not the only one! The Bump has compiled a unique list of 10 things parents say they find sexy, and here are a couple of hints: drool and … »» Read the article


FitPregnancy’s Relationship Survival Tips for New Parents

The arrival of a new baby is a time filled with love, happiness, and joy between you and your partner. Our friends at FitPregnancy are offering some guidance when it comes to preventing any major bumps in the road during … »» Read the article

Kristin Cavallari, former star of 'The Hills', chats on her cell phone after touching down at LAX Airport in Los Angeles

Kristin Cavallari Getting Ready To Walk Down the Aisle?

Last we checked Kristin Cavallari’s wedding was put on hold indefinitely.  Now, our friends over at Hollyscoop hear wedding bells ringing in her future.  Get the scoop on her wedding dress and other details here.


Totsy & Rufflebutts Giveaway!

Our friends at Totsy are teaming up with Rufflebutts for a giveaway! We will be giving away an outfit from RuffleButts to one lucky reader! RuffleButts features the most adorable ruffled leg warmers, bloomers, tops and more!  They also offer … »» Read the article


Beyoncé: ‘Proud Day for African American Women’

  From our friends at! By Jennifer Borget. Monday, Beyoncé took to Tumblr and shared her feelings about the Super Bowl performances Sunday exclaiming (literally): “What a proud day for African American Women!!!!” That’s a lot of exclamation points … »» Read the article


Winter Wonderland: See How Celeb Tots Play in the Snow

by Rebecca M Gruber Sure, Tinseltown tots have fun in the LA sun with year-round access to beautiful beaches, but sometimes it’s more fun to trade in the bathing suit for snow pants and head to the mountains for some … »» Read the article


Why Aren’t Stay-At-Home Moms More Respected?

By Lauren Metz No, Vanessa Bryant wasn’t “shootin’ in the gym” with Kobe. She was busy raising their two children. We wouldn’t normally list Kobe Bryant in the “ideal husband” category, but the NBA superstar pulled out his good guy … »» Read the article


FitPregnancy: Baby Bonding Essentials

Before your baby arrives, gear up with bonding essentials recommended by our friends over at FitPregnancy.  Hooded towels, a comfortable rocking chair, toxin-free toys that encourage grasping, and even a Snotsucker that will all come in handy during long nights and … »» Read the article


Coolest Celebrity Kid Hairstyles

Our favorite celebrity tots always seem to be setting the trends in fashion, accessories, and more.  And we just can’t get enough!  Now, our friends over at iVillage have compiled the best celeb tot hair styles from Shiloh’s short crop, … »» Read the article


The 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Babies and Tots

by Rebecca M Gruber Are you ready for some football? Even if the sport doesn’t get you excited for the Super Bowl, the actual event itself is fun for everyone — just look at the commercials. While beer and web … »» Read the article

Circuit Workout

FitPregnancy’s New Mom Circuit-Style Workout

Getting in shape after having a baby is a challenge. If you need to shake up your routine then Fit Pregnancy has a 30-minute circuit workout that will get your heart pumping and help you take off those leftover pounds.  … »» Read the article


What Did You Give Up For Your Children?

  From our friends at! By Amy Hatch. On Facebook, I reconnected with a former co-worker from my newspaper days and found out he’d become a dad to a little girl. He stuck with the newspaper game (I got … »» Read the article


MomFinds Beauty Essentials for Moms-to-Be

We all know mothers-to-be need multivitamins, plenty of water, and a good foot rub after a long day, but what are some of the best ways to enhance looking and feeling great while expecting?  Our friends at MomFinds have assembled … »» Read the article


Why William & Kate Should Go On A ‘Babymoon’

By Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. Have you considered taking a babymoon? Maybe you should, too. Have you ever heard of a babymoon? A babymoon is similar to a honeymoon — a time when you, your baby and your immediate family … »» Read the article


2013 Baby Name Trends

Move over Lucas, Ava and Sophia! Our friends at Working Mother are taking a look at the baby name trends of 2013. And they’re everything from tech-inspired monikers like Tweet, Android and Kindle to surnames like Hayes, Townes, Brick. Visit Working Mother … »» Read the article


Best Baby Bath Toys From Momfinds

Nothing makes bath time with baby more memorable than watching your little one splashing with joy and excitement over fun bath toys! If you’re having trouble deciding which bath toys to get baby, there is no need to worry! Our … »» Read the article