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The daughter of Cruise and Holmes, Suri, commonly called “TomKitten” by the media, was born April 18, 2006, at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

There was controversy surrounding the name “Suri” and what the couple stated its meaning to be. The Los Angeles Times summarized the written statement Cruise released on the birth as saying the name “is a word with origins in both Hebrew and Persian. In Hebrew, it means ‘princess’ and in Persian, ‘red rose,’ it was claimed in the release”. Suri is a girls’ name meaning Girl in the Persian community. However, magazines and blogs noted Cruise’s mistranslation of the Hebrew meaning of “Suri”. In Arabic, along with Hebrew, Suri actually means “from Syria”, not “princess”. The wrong etymology might stem from the fact that Suri is a Yiddish pet form of Sarah, which means “princess.”

Before Holmes gave birth to her daughter, media outlets questioned the authenticity of Holmes’s pregnancy. After she was born, Suri’s birth certificate was found to contain some incorrect information. Then, when there were no images of the infant for a few months, people questioned the actual existence of a child, which continued until the first images of Suri were published in Vanity Fair.


Tom, Katie & Suri Cheer On Becks

Tom, Katie & Suri Cheer On Becks

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Suri, 2, Isabella, 15, and son Connor, 13 (not pictured) cheered on pal David Beckham as his soccer team, the Los Angeles Galaxy played the New York Red Bulls in Carson, CA, Saturday. No idea who … »» Read the article

Katie Stocks Up On Suri’s Favorite Blankie

It seems Katie Holmes has stocked up on Suri’s favorite blankie. A source tells TMZ, Katie buys the $78 blankets in bulk (10 at a time) from baby boutique Little Giraffe. Suri was most recently seen with her blanket in … »» Read the article
Katie & Suri Hit Madison Avenue

Katie & Suri Hit Madison Avenue

A smiling Katie Holmes and Suri, 2, did some shopping on New York City’s Madison Avenue today. Part two of Tom Cruise’s interview with Oprah aired today. The second half honored his 25 years of making movies. His close friends … »» Read the article

Adorable Suri

I posted a picture of Tom, Katie and Suri leaving their Manhahttan hotel yesterday, but when I saw this I had to post it. It’s from the same set, the family was actually leaving NYC via helicopter from the Westside … »» Read the article

Tom, Katie & Suri Spotted In Manhattan

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a barefoot Suri, 2, were spotted leaving their hotel today in NYC. In case you missed Tom’s first segment on Oprah, you can watch it here – part two airs on Monday. Photo: Pacific Coast … »» Read the article

Suri’s TV Debut

On Monday look for 2-year old Suri Cruise to make her TV debut, when Tom returns to Oprah’s Chicago studio for the first time since he surfed her couch three years ago, declaring his love for Katie. An audience member … »» Read the article
Suri's $100,000 Birthday Party

Suri’s $100,000 Birthday Party

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went all out for Suri’s second birthday, spending a reported $100,000 on the festivities. In Touch reports the afternoon party, filled with over $17,000 worth of flowers was held at a home in the Hollywood … »» Read the article
Suri's $5,000 Birthday Cake

Suri’s $5,000 Birthday Cake

“The four-tier, custom-made birthday cake was made by a local specialty shop and has been adorned with yellow dots and butterflies. There are also 24 miniature cakes for the party guests to enjoy. Total cost: $5,000.” $5,000 ?!?! WOW !!! … »» Read the article
Tom & Suri's Day At The Park

Tom & Suri’s Day At The Park

Source : Bauer-Griffin View Slideshow »» View All Photos »»

A Suri Sighting!

There’s been a Suri sighting! Tom and Suri visited a playground in LA, on March 25. Tom’s love for Suri was noticed by other people at the park: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them. Suri was dressed … »» Read the article
Tom Cruise & Suri Check Out Jerry Seinfeld's Porche Collection

Tom Cruise & Suri Check Out Jerry Seinfeld’s Porche Collection

Tom Cruise takes Suri to visit his friend Jerry Seinfeld at his five car Porsche garage in NY. Suri looks bored with the whole thing, but she’s as cute as ever! She still has her bottle, and it looks like … »» Read the article
Katie & Suri Go Shopping In Beverly Hills

Katie & Suri Go Shopping In Beverly Hills

Celebrity mom Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise shopping in Beverly Hills. I have to say, Suri is my favorite celebrity baby. I just love seeing pictures of her! Flynet View Slideshow »» View All Photos »»

Katie & Suri Shop At The Grove

Yesterday, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri spent the afternoon Christmas shopping at the Grove shopping center in Hollywood. You can see the bodyguard who stood lookout for paparazzi with a towel and large golf umbrella-but it seems they got … »» Read the article

Suri Cruise Is A Spice Girls Fan!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their 19-month-old daughter Suri are pictured at The Spice Girls concert in LA’s Staples Center on Wednesday. Victoria Beckham’s oldest son Brooklyn, 8, was also in the same VIP box-check out his shirt “Spice Boy”. … »» Read the article

Tom, Katie & Suri With Matching Haircuts!

Tom, Katie and Suri were in London yesterday sporting matching haircuts! Source
Tom, Katie & Suri In Corvara Italy

Tom, Katie & Suri In Corvara Italy

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes show their love for each other (is it real? who knows) last evening in Corvara, Italy. Look how big Suri is getting! I just love her! INF View Slideshow »» View All Photos »»

Tom, Katie, Suri & A Teddy Bear

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri did some shopping in Milan, Italy, and bought a huge teddy bear. I wonder if it’s for Suri, or if it’s a gift for someone else? Flynet

Tom, Katie & Suri Bundle Up In 80 Degree Weather!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, 1 1/2, leave their hotel in NYC on Oct. 20th. This first thing I noticed about this picture was how good Katie’s makeup looks. The second thing was the scarves and jackets they … »» Read the article

Katie & Suri Head To Pier 59

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise, 18 months, head to Pier 59 Studios in New York where Katie had a photoshoot. Suri has such a pretty eye color. They’re like a blue/grey. I’ve heard a lot of buzz out there … »» Read the article

Katie & Suri Take A Wall In NYC Today

Katie Holmes and daughter, Suri Cruise, 18 months, were spotted walking around the upper east side of New York City this morning. Pregnancy rumors are swirling around Katie again, since she’s been seen in some over sized outfits. It’s no … »» Read the article

Suri’s Double Fisted

Katie and Suri, 17 months, were seen in Tiergarten park in Berlin, Germany over the weekend. Tom’s mom Mary Lee was there along with their bodyguard. It’s good to see Suri! She’s as cute as ever! Thanks MB!

Suri’s Got Style!

I have so many pictures of Suri Cruise, 1, and in almost every picture she is wearing an adorable boutique dress. I picked a few of my favorites and put them together.

Katie & Suri Say Goodbye To The Grandparents

Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise say ‘goodbye’ to Suri’s grandparents as they leave from Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. Suri always adorable, with her dolly in tow! Not the best picture of Katie, she’s looking very tired, but hey-she’s allowed … »» Read the article

Tom Cruise on the set with wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri

Tom Cruise gets a visit from his wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, 1, on the set of Rubicon in Germany. Suri is as cute as ever, and looks just like Tom-maybe it’s the matching haircut. Flynet

Suri Cruise takes a snooze

I love these kind of photos! Suri Cruise, looks so comfy as she naps in mommy Katie Holmes’ arms after a busy day in Paris, that included a tour of the Louvre and some shopping along the Rue St. Honoré. … »» Read the article