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The daughter of Cruise and Holmes, Suri, commonly called “TomKitten” by the media, was born April 18, 2006, at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

There was controversy surrounding the name “Suri” and what the couple stated its meaning to be. The Los Angeles Times summarized the written statement Cruise released on the birth as saying the name “is a word with origins in both Hebrew and Persian. In Hebrew, it means ‘princess’ and in Persian, ‘red rose,’ it was claimed in the release”. Suri is a girls’ name meaning Girl in the Persian community. However, magazines and blogs noted Cruise’s mistranslation of the Hebrew meaning of “Suri”. In Arabic, along with Hebrew, Suri actually means “from Syria”, not “princess”. The wrong etymology might stem from the fact that Suri is a Yiddish pet form of Sarah, which means “princess.”

Before Holmes gave birth to her daughter, media outlets questioned the authenticity of Holmes’s pregnancy. After she was born, Suri’s birth certificate was found to contain some incorrect information. Then, when there were no images of the infant for a few months, people questioned the actual existence of a child, which continued until the first images of Suri were published in Vanity Fair.


Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise Walking

Suri Cruise celebrates St. Patricks Day

Suri Cruise, 10-months is pictured with her mom Katie Holmes after Connor’s basketball game. Her green pleated dress is adorable! Dad Tom Cruise is with them, but isn’t pictured. photo credit: splash news, ,

Suri Cruise

Suri is cute even with a fence in the way. To see better pictures visit These were taken at Connor’s basketball game last weekend. with permission

New Suri Cruise Pics

There are new pictures of Tom, Katie, and Suri at Connor’s Basketball game over the weekend. We can’t post them here, but you can check them out at

Kate & Suri 2/25/07

Thanks to Marpessa1 for the In Touch Weekly scan.

Tom, Katie & Suri

Tom Cruise, wife Katie Holmes and their beautiful daughter Suri arriving at a basketball game, March 4th. Source-ONTD

Kate loves her toddler Suri

"Suri is doing really, really well. She’s a beautiful little girl, and I feel so honored to be her mom, really." Suri sounds like a typical toddler. She likes "A lot of walking around." "She loves just being outside right … »» Read the article

Beautiful Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise with mom Katie Holmes and grandma Cruise. Is she perfect or what! Photo Bauer-Griffen via

The Cruise’s in the Maldives

More TomKat & Suri pictures

Katie & Suri Peer out of Castle

I wonder what is going through Katie’s mind as she gazes out the Odescalchi castle window with Suri in her arms. Source

Suri Cruise out with Mom & Dad in Rome

Wow! They all look so happy…Suri is beautiful! Source

Tom, Katie & Suri

Tom Cruise and bride-to-be Katie Holmes holds their six-month-old daughter Suri as they make their way to Rome’s City Hall to take care of some pre-wedding business on Wednesday. Source

Tom Holds Suri

Terrible picture, I know but TomKat arrived in Rome by private jet today.  Tom is pictured holding Suri in red.  It’s going to be that kind of week (TomKat) The paparazzi are going to be swarming them. Source

More Suri Pictures from Vanity Fair


More Pictures of Suri Cruise

  She is definitely a mix between Tom and Katie. She is gorgeous….And wow did you ever see a head of hair like that? Source: Vanity Fair Magazine Photos October 2006 issue

Suri Cruise Revealed on CBS Evening News

On tonight’s broadcast of CBS Evening News Katie Couric revealed the long awaited first glimpse of Suri Cruise saying, "After much speculation as to why she’s been undercover for so long, here is proof positive. Yes-Suri (Yessirree), she does exist!!" … »» Read the article