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Jennifer & Violet Cuteness!

Jennifer & Violet Cuteness!

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck have some mommy and me time yesterday afternoon in Boston, Massachusetts. We haven’t seen little Violet in a fews months, and she’s as cute as ever! I love the picture below, where she looks back … »» Read the article
Jen & Ben Take Violet To The Pet Store

Jen & Ben Take Violet To The Pet Store

The Garner-Affleck family visted Pets of Bel Air, in Beverly Glen over the weekend. Jen was walking around holding a little kitten, and in one of the pictures Ben let Violet pet what he was holding (not sure if it … »» Read the article

Jen & Violet Have Some Fun At The Farmers Market

Not only did we get to see Violet out with her daddy, but she also went to the Farmers Market in Brentwood with her mommy, Jennifer Garner, over the weekend – so cute! Jennifer even gave Violet a dollar so … »» Read the article
Ben & Violet Have Some Daddy And Me Time!

Ben & Violet Have Some Daddy And Me Time!

I love seeing Ben and Violet together! They visited a local Starbucks in Brentwood yesterday – so cute! Flynet View Slideshow »» View All Photos »»
Jen & Violet In Brentwood

Jen & Violet In Brentwood

Jennifer Garner takes Violet to the Farmers Market in Brentwood Tuesday. Now, we see these pictures and think, how sweet (which they are) but if you have time check out the video of the same footage. In the very end … »» Read the article
Jennifer Garner & Violet Hit The Library

Jennifer Garner & Violet Hit The Library

Jennifer Garner and Violet visited the Los Angeles Public Library along with her assistant on Friday. Jennifer and Violet picked out a bunch of books, one of them is The Five Little Monkeys! Flynet View Slideshow »» View All Photos … »» Read the article

Jen & Violet House Hunting

A naturally beautiful Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet were spotted doing some house hunting in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Thursday. Ben was also there but not pictured. Source

Jennifer Garner & Daughter Violet At The Food Store

Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet Anne Affleck were spotted at the supermarket in Brentwood, California Sunday morning. Looks like some Orbit gum in Violet’s hand. INF
The Garner-Affleck Family Grab Coffee In LA

The Garner-Affleck Family Grab Coffee In LA

Here’s a little Violet ‘fix’ for you guys..It’s not too often that the family is seen out together, but their all back in sunny L.A. – and did their weekend coffee run at City Bakery and then went shopping at … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner Takes Violet To My Gym

Never one to stay home, celebrity mom Jennifer Garner is spotted taking Violet to her exercise class at My Gym in NYC on the Upper West side. Along the way Jennifer got stopped by a few people, in this photo … »» Read the article

A Celeb Mom Playdate

Celeb moms Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner get together with their kiddies in NYC. Keri’s son River, is six months old, and Violet Affleck is, 2. They can’t play much together now, but River will catch up to Violet soon! … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Violet In NYC

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday-I am swamped with things to do this week, I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Jennifer Garner is pictured with her daughter Violet, 2, in NYC yesterday. Anyone know who … »» Read the article
Jennifer Garner & Violet Out In A Snowstorm

Jennifer Garner & Violet Out In A Snowstorm

That’s the beauty of living in NYC, you can still get out in a snowstorm. Jennifer Garner is pictured yesterday with daughter Violet, walking to a local coffee shop for breakfast. Jennifer is using a Baby Jogger City Series stroller … »» Read the article

Jennifer Garner & Violet In NYC Today

Love this picture of Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet, 2, out in NYC today. Source
Violet's NYC Playdate

Violet’s NYC Playdate

Jennifer Garner was spotted today taking Violet to Mr. Gym with a friend, and stopping at a Starbucks for coffee, before going home to her New York City apartment. Imagine a playdate with Jennifer Garner and Violet… INF View Slideshow … »» Read the article

Celebrity Baby Of The Day: Violet Affleck

Born Dec 1, 2005 Turning 2 tomorrow *Her parents are Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner *She loves to sing- favorite song is “When You Wish Upon Star.” *Isn’t allowed to watch TV *She can talk about animals, giraffes, and she … »» Read the article

Jennifer & Violet Spotted In NYC

Thought I’d give you your Tuesday morning Violet fix!! I just love this little girl, she was spotted out with her mommy Jennifer Garner in NYC. Flynet

Jennifer Garner Takes Violet Out In Costume

Jennifer Garner takes little Violet out for some Halloween fun in NYC today. Violet is dressed as a lamb puppy dog, and has her trick or treat bag ready. Startraks

Jennifer & Violet Go To The Park In NYC

Yesterday, despite the yucky weather, Jennifer made sure Violet got a little park time. Flynet

Dimple Twins!

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet, 1 1/2, picked up some snacks while out & about in NYC yesterday. Jennifer has been beaming in almost every picture I’ve seen lately. Bauer-Griffin via

Ben, Jen & Violet Take A Walk In NYC Sunday

Violet, 22 months, hits the ground running again in NYC this past Sunday. I think out of any celebrity kid, I have the most photos of Violet in my archives. If you’re a fan, check them out.

Jennifer Garner & Violet Hit Central Park

Jennifer Garner and her nanny/assistant (?) take Violet to the park in NY. Love how Violet is hanging out with her “binky” and her dolly. She is really such a cute kid-very happy. Jennifer’s new Broadway show Cyrano De Bergerac … »» Read the article

Ben Affleck & Violet Take A Stroll In Midtown NY

More Violet cuteness in NYC! Dad Ben Affleck gets some coffee and a snack at a Starbucks, in Midtown, NYC. Violet looks all cozy in her stroller.

The Affleck-Garners stroll in NYC On Saturday

Yesterday morning Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Violet, 22-months, met up with a friend in Midtown NY. Love that Jennifer’s scarf, Ben’s sweater, and Violets hat match, I doubt they planned it, but it looks good. Ben holds Violet, while … »» Read the article

Violet Affleck On The Run In NYC

This picture was taken today in NYC, and I love it, because we rarely get to see Violet walking, never mind running along. The Affleck-Garner family is in town for Jen’s new Broadway show, "Cyrano de Bergerac" which opens in … »» Read the article