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Jen & Violet at the Park


Violet Affleck warm & cozy in L.A.

Jennifer Garner, 34, and Violet 14-months on a recent shopping trip in L.A. Source-Life & Style Feb. 5, 2007

Violet Affleck

pic: popsugar

Jennifer Garner & Violet have some fun together!

Jennifer Garner, and cutie 1-year old daughter Violet play peek-a-boo, in Santa Monica recently. Source

1/18/07 The Affleck’s

Jen & Violet

Affleck-Garner Family

The whole family was out doing some Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon at Barneys in Beverly Hills. It’s rare that we get to see Ben and Jen together with Violet, who recently celebrated her 1st birthday! Source

Jennifer Garner & Violet at the Supermarket


Jen Garner carries Violet


Violet’s got Mom’s Dimples!


Jennifer Garner & Violet

Jennifer & Violet play at the park after Jennifer voted on election day.  Violet, 11 months is practicing standing. Source

The Affleck-Garner’s

What an adorable picture of Ben carrying baby Violet!  You can see who Ben’s girl is now! As we previously posted in Celebrity Baby Style, Violet sports her Robeez again! Source


Jennifer Garner and baby Violet do some shopping (with an unidentified woman) Jen looks great…she is so casual and normal.  She makes sure Violet who turns 1 on Dec 1st is cozy in her Buggy Bagg.  Does anyone know what … »» Read the article

Affleck-Garner Family

This is a family that seems so normal, plus they are all so good looking!  Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and 10 month old Violet were photographed 10/26/06. Violet is wearing Robeez "Ice Cream Cone" slip on shoes.  You can get … »» Read the article